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Jammeh's Tribal Politics:GDP President BLASTS FREEDOM NEWSPAPER CRITICS!!!




I wish to express concurrence with Gambiaswatchman's views on your recent efforts to demonstrate Yahya's proclivity to institutionalise tribal animus in Gambia. I also think critics of your valuable exercise are grossly mistaken for their condemnation of you in various manner.
I believe Freedom newspaper is owed a debt of gratitude for demonstrating one, and only one aspect of Yahya's flagrant tribalism. There are other aspects, indeed more ominous, in the scheme, and time permitting, I shall share those. Contrary to your detractors, no tribe has been marginalised, subjugated, oppressed, or discriminated-against by any other tribe or administration in Gambia except's Yahya's cabal of clueless and fanciful charlatans. And we had only one other administration for independent Gambia. If there ever was tribalism as a tool of administrative occupation, like Watchman, I believe it was completed by the French and British, and with good reason, to prolong their oppression of the natives.
Furthermore, those Gambians who believe the "Jolas", "Mandinkas", "Sarahules", "Wollofs", "Serers", "Akus", "Manjagos", "Fulas", "Karoninkas", or other, have been marginalised or discriminated-against by another one or more of these constituent tribes, are only commuting their particular crimes for diluted indemnification. To be sure, particular families did think less of their domestic help who happened to be Jola or their hired help who happened to be Moor (Mauritanian), but those families know themselves and see Yahya's INSTITUTIONALIZED tribalism as only payback. My family will not be associated with such who nurture the fetid gash of tribalism. Never have and never will. I have Jolas, fulas, wollofs, mandinkas, sarahules, Akus, Manjagos, Touaregs, and Moors in my family. Therefore, I encourage these criminals to apologise for their crimes and you to continue demonstrating that Yahya is spectacularly unfit to lead a country like Gambia. I encourage our fellow citizens who subscribe to the Jola traditions to urge Yahya follow a saner more tenable path for all Gambia's children. Jola, Mandinka, Fulani, Wollof, Sarahule, Aku, Manjago, Serer, Karoningka, Moor, Touareg, all describe traditions and culture and not genetic disposition. The sooner we understand that the better off we will be. "Tribalism" is the demarche of the clueless. Demarche nonetheless and untenable.
I concur in totality with Gambiaswatchman. Carry on Freedomnewsonline.
Executive Director - The GDP.


Posted on Monday, May 26, 2008 (Archive on Monday, June 30, 2008)
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