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Breaking News: Gambia: Brikama Married Lady Declared Missing—British Gov’t Called To Order
Brikama Married Lady Declared Missing—British Gov’t Called To Order

As British Tourist Accused of Snatching  The Wife of Ousainou Baye Sankareh

Maimuna Jallow Is The Adopted Daughter Of Lawyer Darboe’s Sister—Says Mr. Sankareh

UDP Leader Advised Freedom Newspaper To Get In Touch With The Girl’s Parents

A disgruntled  Gambian couple whose wife abandoned him to “secretly marry” a British tourist—without his prior knowledge has issued an international alert calling on the British authorities to help account for his missing wife, who is believed to be residing in Wales United Kingdom, the Freedom Newspaper can report. Ousainou Baye Sankareh, a Gambian resident in Spain said his wife Maimuna Jallow of Brikama has been missing since February 2010, and was alleged to have “secretly married” to a 74 year old British tourist Philip Brown.

In what appeared to be a “polygamous, and wife snatching” scandal,  Mr. Sankareh said he has been married to Maimuna Jallow since 2001, and that he was not aware of any divorce settlement, or agreement between him and Mrs. Jallow. 

Maimuna Jallow met Mr. Brown at Hamat Bah’s Hotel called the “MANSI BEACH HOTEL” situated along  the Tourism Developmental Area, where Mr. Brown was hosted as a guest. Mrs. Jallow also worked at the said hotel incidentally.

Maimuna Jallow is an adopted daughter of Serra Darboe, a younger sister to a  leading Gambian lawyer and  politician in the name of lawyer Ousainou N.M Darboe in the Gambia. Serra Darboe and his husband Kotu Bojang were taken aback by the news of their adopted  daughter’s move to marry Philip Brown without the consent of his husband Ousainou Sankareh. 

Mr. Brown was said to have left Banjul with Maimuna Jalow sometimes  in February of this year, where they both traveled to  Wales in the UK.  One Omar Camara, a neighbor of Maimuna Jallow and Camara’s own mother who also resides in Jamisa, Kombo Brikama were said to have witnessed the secret weeding of Mrs. Jallow in Banjul. 

The initial story peddled in town was that Mr. Brown wanted to adopt Maimuna Jallow, but it later turned out that the two were secretly dating.  Maimuna Jallow migrated to the UK thanks to the help of Mr. Brown.

Serra Darboe and his husband  live near Omar Camara’s  home in Brikama. Almost everyone here is shocked by Maimuna Jallow’s move to abandon  his husband.

Mr. Sankareh said his in-law Lawyer Ousainou Numukunda Darboe is privy to the case of the wife snatching scandal, but due to time constraint Mr. Darboe could not come to his aid.

Mr. Sankareh said he has been one of the main sponsors of the main opposition United Democratic Party, and therefore could not come to terms how on earth Mr. Darboe is refusing to pay attention to his case. He said he being a strong supporter of his party he deserves support when in need.

''Maimuna is my wife and was snatched from me by a British Tourist  while I was in Spain.   I have tried to contact the white man but he said Maimuna is his wife and that Maimuna's mum, Dad and a brother Omar camara helped him to marry him at the Banjul magistrate court,” a distrust Mr. Sankareh tells the Freedom Newspaper.

Mr.  Sankareh had placed numerous calls to Mr. Brown’s Wales residence calling on his wife to return home to The Gambia, but the young lady would not heed to his repeated appeals. Maimuna has started avoiding his phone calls, he said.

“The breaking news to me this morning was that ''Serra Darboe, his husband Kotu Bojang, Omar Camara and his mother sold Maimuna into a secondary marriage by betraying me Ousainou Baye Sankareh,” he alleged.

Mr. Sankareh said his in-laws are not keen at helping him to secure the return of his wife Maimuna Jallow to The Gambia. He said he has spent over half a million dalasi just to marry Mrs. Jallow, but today he is being blackmailed by a woman who should be loyal, and faithful to him.

''I have spent over 50,000 dalasi in marrying Mimuna Jallow and I have sponsored her family at the provinces with over 20,000 dalasis  after the marriage, so I don’t  know why they did this to me'' said Ousainou Baye Sankareh who was crying while narrating his ordeal to this paper.  

He adds “I am really frustrated in the whole matter because it is sad and funny after spending all my wealth on Maimuna Jallow and her family in the Gambia.... This is disappointing and sorrowful really.”  

Mr. Sankareh, a native of Allunharri in the Upper River Region of The Gambia said he never knew that Maimuna Jallow was mischievous, and dangerous. He said if he had known that this girl would have treated him in such a dishonest, and dishonorable manner, he wouldn’t have wasted his time marrying her.

“I have done everything for this lady of “green snake” in a green grass. The British government should also not sit on its laurels to see their men going to the Gambia snatching our wives while we are away in Europe. This is a very bad and dangerous matter really and I think the Crown will take up the case with the said Mr. Phillip Brown. Gambians should be aware of the fact that  our sisters and Wives working in these Hotels could be victims of such situations, so people need to watch out on such issues with the Hotel works involving our young daughters and Wives. I have lost my wife after all the trust and nice words with a lot of big swearing she did on my face, it was because of all that trust, I have in her,  I allowed  her to work  at the hotel, but this is a big lesson for me. I really never wanted my wife to work in a Hotel, because it could be bad for our marriage. But it has been turned to a big disappointment for me. I need help really to get my wife.” Mr. Sankareh said.

Contacted for his side of the story, Lawyer Darboe advised that we should get in touch with Maimuna Jallow’s adopted mother for details.

“You should contact the adopted parents of the girl. I am in bed. I am sleepy, okay,” Darboe tells Freedom Newspaper’s Pa Nderry M’Bai. Mr. M’Bai had earlier apologized to the UDP leader for calling him late.

Attempts to seek comments from Serra Darboe the mother of  Maimuna Jallow proved futile. Mrs. Darboe phone was on voicemail.

The Freedom Newspaper also tried to reach Mr. Philip Brown at his Wales residence, but he was indisposed for comments. No one was available to answer to our repeated phone calls.


Posted on Saturday, April 17, 2010 (Archive on Wednesday, June 30, 2010)
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