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Breaking News: Gambia: Freedom Radio Show: People Scavenge For Food In Gambia—Madi Njie
Freedom Radio Show: People Scavenge For Food In Gambia—Madi Njie

Ebrima Dibba, Yahya Dampha, Madi Njie, Omar Bah, And Yusupha Cham Dominate Freedom Radio

Madi Njie a Gambian journalist and Human Rights activist has said that there is growing hunger in The Gambia to a point that people are scavenging for food in waste disposal sites: such as the one in Bakoteh. Mr. Njie said even though the Government is trying to discourage kids from scavenging at waste disposal sites, the problem of food scavenging is still  a major social problem in the country. Mr. Njie was speaking during a Freedom Newspaper show from The Gambia, where other panelists in England, Sweden, and the United States took part. Mr. Njie said many Gambians are living in object poverty while salaries for Civil servants and those in the private sector remain stagnant. He said there is hopelessness in the country, which President Jammeh claimed to have developed in a span of 16 years. To listen to the audio version of the show, please click this link:

Audio Link: 

Commenting on the situation of the media and human rights, Mr. Njie said the press had suffered the brunt of Jammeh’s rule since the advent of his admininstration. He said many journalists have been arrested, and jailed over sedition charges. He said many press houses such as the Independent news had been fire bomb while  journalist Chief Manneh is gone missing without trace. He also commented on the death of Deyda Hydara. 

Posted on Tuesday, May 11, 2010 (Archive on Wednesday, June 30, 2010)
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