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Gambia: Canada Turndown Jammeh’s Request To Shutdown Freedom Newspaper And HelloGambia; China Also Turns Down Gamtel Technicians
Canada Turndown Jammeh’s Request To Shutdown Freedom Newspaper And HelloGambia; China Also Turndown Gamtel Technicians


By Ninkinanka State House Banjul
Stop scratching the surface and bring Professor Kah. It’s high time for him to come and testify," These were the words of the Magistrate hearing the Gumbo Touray case. Will he be brought before him to answer to the damning allegations of nepotism and corruption detailed in the NDEA report. It looks like this will never happen following Jammeh's endorsement of his work. What a sham and insult to the Gambian judiciary. This just goes to blatantly confirm what critics and papers like your popular and well read paper has said all along, "Jammeh is the Alpha and the Omega in The Gambia" There is only one law, Jammeh's Law and its simple, "You kiss his stinky ass and get away with anything including murder.

Yes it is the case, the murderers, that took Deyda's life, Ousman Korro Ceesay, the students of April 2000, Dot Fall, Daba Marenah are walking scot free in Kanilai. This is the law. Gambians have a choice, stand up to it and send   Jammeh to the Hague or live with it until, Mohammed 1 assumes the Mansaya.

For now, Mohammed Kah, whose Professorship is not far from dubious is under the dictators bosom. Maybe his claim to spiritual powers and voodoo from his native village has spared him, just for now though. Together with his rogue cousin, another dubious Doctor at the Statehouse, Njogou Bah, they have won Jammeh's trust. Lang Tombong Tamba will want to tell them, learn from what happened to me.

Here at the State House, we know this version of musical chairs too well. Kah's days are numbered and the end is near and I know it will not be rosy as it was a few days ago when Jammeh took the airwaves to vindicate his handpicked "Professor", who's academic credentials are up for debate in the academic world.

Kah displayed his ineptitude a while back when he received a dubious email to travel to Dakar purportedly from President Jammeh. Where in this world, will a Head of State (even as dumb as Jammeh is) send an email giving an instruction, maybe only in Gambia. This just shows the lack of administrative skills of Professor Kah.

On the list of Jammeh concubines, the soldier who sent the story is within the confines of state house.  However, he handpicked those he wanted to expose and I find that rather unfair. I really think what is good for the goose is good for the gander. He should just split it all out.
Not too long ago you spoke on your Radio show about a former Minister who had sex with Jammeh in his caravan. Yes I can confirm to you that this true and the Soldier was there and I beg to know why her name was not on the list.

Also former Protocol Officers, NAPSA students, Woni Sisters Group, Former Ministers, Former GRTS employees, Cuban Doctors in Kanilai and Philippino maids should all be on the list to adequately inform the public of the savagery and brutal lifestyle of the Kanilai Monster.

There are Secret Government trip to Canada and China to shut the Freedom newspaper and Hello Gambia down.

We have learnt that President Dictator Jammeh will do anything to stop the Freedom and Hello Gambia. Our sources are telling us that there is a genuine reason why Gambians abroad are having difficulties reaching anyone by phone in the Gambia.

In the Kanilai dictator's quest to block Freedom and Hello Gambia in The Gambia, he sent a delegation of Gamtel technicians and State House officials to Canada with a bid to solicit support in bringing down these two online Newspapers. They were told by the Canadians that they cannot do anything about it. They were redirected to China. When they got to China, they were even more disappointed. The Chinese whom Jammeh has been fighting against in favor of Taiwan due to his greed for money told them they would not entertain his request.

Now, he has requested Gamtel to do whatever they could to block Freedom. In their attempts to fulfill the dictator’s madness, they have touched some of the most sensitive parts of the GMC (Gamtel’s main machines) causing the in-flow of phone calls into Banjul to get even worse. This is why these days people living abroad are finding it difficult to connect calls to Gambia.

According to sources, even the Western Union link is having problems these days getting their internet services working and thus delaying their transactions including international transfers. The Foreign Embassies in Banjul are also experiencing the problem getting in touch overseas due to the poor connection problems..

Well Soldier, this is me "FI CHI DIGI STATEHOUSE," I expect to see the complete list of all those ladies used and dumped by our sex maniac President. Exploiting our Gambian Women is all that he is good at.


Posted on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 (Archive on Saturday, May 19, 2012)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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