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 By Musa Sanneh, Chicago, IL

Hello Pa,

Thanks for educating the Gambians both abroad and back home about their civics rights and freedom. I am a very frequent listener and reader to your program and also browse your web site. I live in Chicago, IL, but yesterday evening around 9pm Central time, I was listening to your program and there was two hostile callers from Rhode Island and the other one which I cannot recall his name. They are so hostile to you that it seems like they are on monster president Yahya Jammeh's payroll list.

These are people who have no sympathy whatsoever for the innocent Gambians, who are suffering in the hands of this idiotic uneducated monster dictator president Yahya Jammeh and yet they are calling you for their selfish opportunistic interest reason.

Tell them if they want a post in monster dictator of the 21st century Yahya Jammeh's government, let them get the hell out of this most freedom and democratic country U.S.A and be here in the Gambia and praise Monster Yahya Jammeh in the Gambia not here in America. I heard them saying that through Monster dictator President Yahya Jammeh, Gambia has so many hospitals, electricity in your native village, TV, University of Gambia and so on. Is it that Monster Yahya Jammeh's inherited that fund from his late father's bank account or did he work on his own to have those projects fund? These hostile callers from Rhode Island are the typical nasty envy and clandestine people who are the informants for this idiot monster dictator Yahya Jammeh. They are the people who report people in abroad to Yahya Jammeh's government so that when you went to the Gambia for holiday, the NIA will just come and knock your door to arrest you without any reason just because you are exercising your God's giving freedom of expression. Hell fire will be filled up these type of informants.

Pa, by listening to your respond to these two hostile callers from Rhode Island, we can tell that you are a real professional and well versed than them. They just called attacking you personally not because of what you wrote but they are simply mad because you are telling the truth and also exposing that bastard idiot monster dictator president Yahya jammeh who doesn't know nothing but to murder the innocent Gambians or disappearing them without single trace. If they want to defend their idiot monster dictator president Jammeh and his gross human rights abuses in the Gambia, let them open pro Jammeh's station and web site like than to call your station and then personal attack you without any justification simply they are lobbying for the post in monster dictator jammeh's administration. Monster dictator Yahya Jammeh has murder so many innocent Gambians and he has not even spare Our profound Islamic scholars in the country.

Some escaped from his thugs murder squad and have  disappeared without  trace and these two hostile callers from Rhode Island said Gambia is democratic country because monster dictator idiot uneducated Un-Islamic president Yahya jammeh won 72% of vote this past election. Tell them this is land of freedom; if they don't want to hear the truth, let them get out of here and then go hell but you will continue expose this monster dictator president Yahya AJJ Jammeh of the Gambia.

Please don't mind about those so called post seekers of Dictate Monster Yahya Jammeh's administration talking about your American status. Because they don't know anything about their religion Islam; what our beloved prophets encountered; some of those prophets were force to go to exile, and some were being kill by tyrant kings of those days. Even our last prophet Muhammad (SAW) has being to exile. So for them to call you and talked that nonsense comments about you and status is absolutely stupid and ignorant. Of course you have every rights to express thoughts about your own monster dictator Yahya Jammeh's gross human abuses of the 21st century inside America here not in the Gambia. Because by doing so, in the Gambia, we will count you with Journalist Hydara, ousman Koro Ceesay, Daba Manneh and etc. 

May Allah always continue to protect you and your family, May Allah always bless you and guide you. Keep up the good job you are doing. Like I said, if they want to defend Monster idiot dictator so called Professor Yahya Jammeh in abroad and go back home, please for God's sake let them open Pro-Dictator Monster greedy Yahya AJJ Jammeh's web site and station like freedom newspaper. America is a land of freedom, fair and balance for every human races regardless your origin, races, religion, color, disable and etc. Let them shut their dirty mouth in Rhode Island and then get the hell out America because this country is not for dictators and his supporters.

Inshallahu, by Allah's will and help, they cannot do anything to you Pa. Because you are fighting the rights and freedom of innocent Gambians who are being oppressed and still being oppress by stupid greedy monster dictator so called professor sheikh Alhaji Yahya Ajj Jammeh who cannot recite the AL- FATIHA. Dictator monster Yahya AJJ Jammeh even make me ashame to call myself Gambian sometimes for the seek that he claims himself that he can cure HIV/AIDS, and so on. Which is a big fat lie. He is no more that Pharaoh. Dictator monster so called professor sheikh Alhaji AJJ Jammeh is next Pharaoh, doing mischief and oppressing the Gambians like Pharaoh did to his people in Israel.

Editors note:  Thanks Musa for speaking your mind. The radio program in question was aired by Radio Tamtam, which was relayed on our station. One of the show participants resides in Rhode Island, while the other is based in Atlanta Georgia. Mr. Saihou Mballow lives in New York City, while my humble self resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Glad to hear that you followed the radio program. The APRC boys lost the debate to Mbai and Mballow. It was a field day for us. All our assertions were supported by compelling facts and evidence, unlike one of the APRC panelists Mr. Fadia, who tried to mislead us with the situation of Gambia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) compared to neighboring Senegal. Our Editor quickly put him on check by furnishing him with the accurate GDP ratio. Senegal’s GDP is way stronger than Gambia’s GDP. Gambia's economy is in complete mess! Jammeh has destroyed the economy.

By and large, both Batch Samba and Fadia conducted themselves well during the debate and we want to commend them for engaging us into a matured debtate.  There were profanity used here and there at the beginning of the program—with Fadia trying to censor M’Bai for commenting on his in law’s demise Daba Marena, which he considered as a "family matter,"  but overall I think the radio program was a success. 

Mr. Mballow grilled the APRC folks big time.  He was on top of the ball. He exposes the maladministration in Banjul under Jammeh’s failed leadership, while Fadia and Batch Samba highlighted Jammeh’s achievements since coming to power.  Their argument premised on Jammeh's efforts to build roads, bringing electricity in rural Gambia, and GRTS.

Our Senegalese brother “Grand Badou” weighed in by buttressing Editor M’Bai criticism of Jammeh’s lack of respect for human rights and good governance. He also lamented the lack of term limit for the Presidency  in the Gambia, The lack of regime change for the past 47 years in the Gambia was also a concern to him. He said for the past 47 years, the Gambia has only two presidents, which “Grand Badou” opines is a mockery to Gambia’s ailing democracy. He argues that  the Gambia is not a democratic nation under Jammeh’s leadership.

Posted on Sunday, June 03, 2012 (Archive on Sunday, June 03, 2012)
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