The jailed United Democratic Party Leader Ousainou Darboe, is an asthmatic patient, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Darboe’s medical condition came to light when attempts were made to spray his cell by health personnel. The opposition leader was quoted by prison officers as saying that he is allergic to insecticide sprays. As such, Darboe, has decided to pass onto the proposed spraying of his cell.

According to prison sources, the opposition leader’s health condition has deteriorated recently in prison. Mr. Darboe suffered from an asthmatic attacks in recent days. Hence, he refused to allow the health personnel to spray his cell.

Mr. Ousainou Darboe and co have been sentenced to three years in jail. They were found guilty on charges of organizing protest without permit; among other frivolous charges filed against them by the state. 

The mile two prison has been widely referred to as “hell prison on earth.” The cells are inhabitable. The sanitary conditions there are just horrible. Inmates eat, drink and defecate in the same cell they have been kept.

Besides, the appalling environmental sanitation, the food too is bad. Many prisoners die due to lack of balanced diet.

The mile two prison has also been infested with mosquitoes. Many prisoners die largely due to malaria related illnesses.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health, decided to help spray the inmates’ cells.  It took hours before the entire prison was sprayed, sources said.

The mile prisoners are the least happy. They complained about lack of fan, clean drinking water, food, and medication. The International Society of Red-Cross should visit the mile prison. The sanitary conditions there are just pathetic.

Some of the inmates have been placed in chains and twenty four lock down. The inmates hardly see the sunlight. Some of the inmates have been rendered blind due to lack of light in their cells.

A European national is among those detained. The Gambian dictator has extorted eight million dalasi from the said European, according to prison insiders.

In another development, two prison officers have been detained at mile two. The officers told their colleagues that they were tortured at the time of their arrest. The detained prison wardens have been accused of supplying information to the international media, according to prison sources.

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