It doesn’t look like Gambia’s De Facto dictator Yahya Jammeh, is ready to relinquish power gracefully in the event the opposition emerges victorious in the upcoming December, Presidential elections, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Jammeh is currently busy beefing up his arsenals, ahead of the polls. Two top Jammeh close aides have been sent to the Russian Federation to procure arms. General Ansumana Tamba and Lt. Colonel Barrow, left Banjul barely twenty four hours ago, on a mission to buy arms for the Kanilai monster.

russia-arms-2This followed a joint Defense Pack signed between Russia and the regime in Banjul. As recent as last week, a Russian Military personnel, was in The Gambia, to formalize a joint defense pack with his counterpart CDS Ousman Badjie.

According to highly placed State House sources, Gen. Tamba, and Lt. Colonel Barrow are Jammeh’s special emissaries to Russia to secure arms ahead of the elections. Jammeh wants to further fortify his security, our source said.

“ There are sufficient arms in Kanilai and the State House in Banjul. Since Russia, has open the doors for him, Jammeh thinks that he should resume his arms dealings. His goal here is to use the arms against defenseless Gambians in the event the electoral results have been contested or he Jammeh emerges as the loser of the polls. Both Gen. Tamba and Lt. Colonel Barrow have been sent to Russia to buy arms,” said our source who wished to remain anonymous.

“The Gambian opposition should take note of Jammeh’s latest attempts to cling onto power. In the absence of unity, it would be hard for the opposition to make a credible case against Jammeh, in the event he wants to cling onto power. Current indications doesn’t suggest that Jammeh wants to hand over power anytime soon. If he does, he wouldn’t have sent Gen. Tamba and Lt. Colonel Barrow to Russia to buy him arms,” our source added.

sall-aimsThe Senegalese government should also closely monitor Jammeh’s activities in the region. Reports have it that Jammeh is also planning to arm the MFDC rebels ahead of the December polls.

“Senegal should reinforce its intelligence gathering on Jammeh and The Gambia. While Macky Sall is busy working with the Pakistanis, Jammeh too is also using his recent relationship with Russia to equip himself militarily. Jammeh’s plan is to destabilize the Senegambian region. He knows that Gambians do not like him anymore. Arming the rebels will aid him in his quest to stay in power,” said one military analyst.

To those of you, who doesn’t know General Ansumana Tamba, he is the Commander of the State Guards. Mr. Tamba is a close aide of Yahya Jammeh. He is working with Lt. Colonel Barrow, who is Jammeh’s Aide De Camp (ADC) to buy arms from the Russian Arms market. Mr. Barrow used to be a member of the police intervention unit. He received horse riding training in Senegal, before he was enlisted into the State Guard. 

russia-arms-12016, is an electioneering year in The Gambia and yet Yahya Jammeh is sending his aides to buy him arms from Russia. The international community, particularly the Global Intelligence Community should keep an eye on Jammeh’s emissaries in Russia.

Given Jammeh’s past record on arms proliferation in the region, it is imperative for the Global Intelligence to monitor any shipment or special flights coming from Russia to The Gambia. This piece of intelligence is coming from Jammeh’s own trusted security inner circles. Our sources have hinted that Jammeh is determined to kill more Gambians just to stay in power.

It would be recalled that Yahya Jammeh was recently accused of allowing a European national to use his private jet to smuggle arms to war ravaged Southern Sudan. The said European billionaire, was busted by the British police together with his ring of co conspirators.

Mr. Jammeh was also accused of violating a United Nations ban on small arms importation, when his Iranian arms shipment was busted in Nigeria. Several containers filled with arms said to be associated with Jammeh’s Kanilai farms were intercepted at the Nigerian ports.

Yahya Jammeh was also said to have been complicit into the Liberian and Sierra Leonean wars. His former private jet called the New Millennium Airline, was being used to smuggle arms to Liberia and Sierra Leone. In fact, Baba Jobe, a close aide of Jammeh, was indicted by the UN for gun running during the period in question.  Arms were being supplied to the Liberian and Sierra Leonean rebels in exchange for diamonds, the UN reported. Baba Jobe was later arrested and charged for economic crime. He died in Gambian jails shortly serving his time. He was never released from prison. He was later buried at his native village in Jarra.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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