Gambia’s deranged dictator Yahya Jammeh is running a secret torture chamber in Kanifing Estate, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. The torture chamber is situated opposite the Sef  Senior Secondary school. The property was seized from one Dembo Carl Jatta, a former Customs officer, who now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Jatta is from Gunjur. He later migrated to the United States.


Folks arrested are usually taken to the said private home and tortured. Some of the single rooms in that property have been transformed as cells. There are NIA agents living at the property as well.

Neighbors living in the area have complained to Freedom Radio Gambia, about hearing noise at night. Detainees could be heard crying loud at the middle of the night.

The late Tabara Samba, a Senegalese national used to live next to the said property. Tambara was executed by Yahya Jammeh together eight other prisoners.

A Freedom Radio Gambia investigations have revealed that the said secret torture chamber was one time occupied by one Abdoulie Sano, a former senior official of the NIA. Mr. Sano is believed to be currently residing in the United States. Sano, was hosted at the property upon his return from his studies in Nigeria. He later moved to his own house, before falling out with the dictator.

According to NIA sources, the secret torture chamber in Kanifing is being ran by one Paul Bojang, a native of Kanilai. Mr. Bojang has five NIA guards working under his command at the said safe house.

Paul Bojang used to work at the Ports ferry terminal in Banjul. He later got into trouble while on posting there. NIA Chief Yankuba Badjie wanted to fire him, but thanks to the intervention of benevolent Gambians the decision to fire Paul, was rescinded. Although, Paul, was demoted from being an NIA field agent to a regular security guard. He was then assigned to oversee the secret torture chamber in Kanifing.

“Paul Bojang is from Kanilai. He now lives in Kololi. I know him. He used to come to our guard post in Kanilai; then he was going to school. One of his brothers was bodyguard to the First Lady. Paul is staying at his brother’s house in Kololi,” said a former Jammeh bodyguard.

The NIA is operating a good number of safe houses in the country. There is one in Brufut AU Villas, Kanifing, Kotu, and Brusubi. The former Atlantic Hotel has also been taken over by Jammeh. It is being manned by the NIA. Occasionally detainees would be taken at the hotel for processing.


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