A Jeshwang man, who was accused of stealing, has been tortured to death while under police custody, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The man was arrested and taken into custody at the Jeshwang police, where he was allegedly tortured to death by cops, sources told the Freedom Newspaper. The incident occurred yesterday amid public outcry over police brutality.

ma-bah-sworn-inThe death of the young man, has created a serious pandemonium in Jeshwang, as angry youths stormed the police station threatening to burn the station to the ground. Personnel of the police intervention unit were quickly deployed to the station to maintain peace. There is total confusion in Jeshwang at this hour. 

As we file this report, disgruntled Jeshwang youths, are having a go with the PIU officers. They have surrounded the police station, while vowing to set the station on fire. Armed PIU officers could be seen patrolling the vicinity of the station.

The Freedom Newspaper is yet to establish the identity of the murdered young man. Sources said the detainee was tortured to death during police interrogation.

With few weeks before Gambia’s Presidential elections, the police have been accused of torturing a Jeswang man to death. The officers linked to the murder of the young man haven’t been arrested yet.

The remains of the murdered young man, has been taken to the mortuary at the Francis Small Teaching Hospital. A doctor is expected to conduct a postmortem on the body, sources said.

Written By A Staff Writer 

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