Kanilai is calling! November, 5th is the day. We have intercepted the Memo! Going “Green” with the dead APRC? The Jammehs are becoming a joke. They are completely out of touch with the realities on the ground. Gambians are done with the Jammehs. No amount of appeasement or force can change the public’s perception of the greedy and unpatriotic Jammehs.

Zeinaba jammehNow it is clear that Zeinab Souma Jammeh is the De Facto shadow President after General Saul Badjie. She is the face of the regime, as JK battles with major health and financial challenges. Zeinab’s husband is broke. Zeinab herself is also broke.

Fatou Mass Jobe is working behind the scenes to aid and abett the Jammehs. She is another disserivce to our nation. She will no doubt face the Commissions once Jammeh is out of the picture. 

In coming days, bankers, civil servants, private citizens, and non-Gambians from the Southern province of Casamance will converge in Kanilai to the promote what they called “ Gambia is green.” Gambia is green is a coded language. The Jammehs wants to make us believe that they are interested in flora and fauna; agricultural development; and economic empowerment, while our analysts on the ground said the upcoming APRC convergence is aimed at creating a false impression that the entire Gambia subscribe to the APRC Green party agenda.

In other words, the Jammehs wants to use the upcoming forced labor on Jammeh’s farms to prove that they have huge following. On the contrary, there is a political disconnect between the Jammehs and The Gambian voters on the ground.  The Jammehs cannot hold a serious meeting without compelling government workers, and parastals to attend. This is how the Jammehs are today struggling to be accepted by a determined nation to effect political change.

Some of our agents in the various banks, Ministries, and Departments are among those invited to show up in Kanilai on November, 5th. We are also in touch with our sources in Kaniali. We will fill you in with developments as it unfolds now before the event.

On a different note, the First Lady’s office is reporting that there is no funds to accommodate Zeinab’s endless trips to the US and elsewhere around the globe. This was evident on her last trip to the US, in which institutions were compelled to chip in and raise the necessary funds for her trip.  

Protocol officer Alhagie Ceesay and his team have been working tirelessly to facilitate the fundraising in that particular trip. They were all over the place looking for money. It took Ceesay and co days before they could raise funds for the trip.

As we file this report, she is planning to leave Banjul, in coming days after raising few couple of thousands of dollars from the Gala dinner. She is likely going to leave town after the so called “Gambia is green” Kanilai showbiz.

Zeinab’s Protocol team have been infiltrated by the Freedom Newspaper. One insider told us that Jammeh is occasionally confronted by his “wife” about Freedom Newspaper publications about his alleged extramarital affairs. We heard about Zeinab’s staff downloading our publications.

Many Zeinab staffers and soldiers have been questioned and released by the NIA about the Freedom Newspaper leaks about the Jammehs. Freedom Newspaper is Jammeh’s nightmare. 

The chicken hearted JK, will fall into Zeinab’s drama when confronted. Jammeh will in turn chicken out and offer to give her money to travel overseas. 

The State House is becoming interesting. The Jammehs have overtime become beggars. They are desperately raising funds to accommodate their exorbitant lifestyles. All these, at the expense of oppressed Gambians. 

Yahya Jammeh is going to be taken by surprise now before the elections. There is a rude awakening for him. He thinks that all is rosy; cool and dandy. That’s far from the realities on the ground. Time will tell.

If Jammeh’s marabouts are honest with him, they should tell him that his time is up! There is no way that Jammeh will survive the inevitable wind of change.

In fact, one of Jammeh’s marabout surrogates at the State House intimated to this medium that Jammeh’s marabout personally confided to him that he had a dream about the fall of dictator Jammeh. The Jammeh surrogate said the marabout told him that in coming weeks something dramatic will happen in the country, which will usher change. The surrogate said he is afraid to report to Jammeh about what the marabout told him.

In another development, there is panic in the APRC party. APRC surrogates are going house to house to request citizens to allow them to record the serial numbers of their voters’ card. This has nothing to do with the upcoming nomination of the Presidential candidates. The APRC is not sure about what the upcoming polls holds for them. They are now resorting to blackmailing and intimidating voters.

In the meantime, the Treasury Department is reporting that salaries might not be paid if Jammeh is not depose in the coming polls. There is a complete budgetary crisis. There is no budget catered for 2017, said one insider. The situation is dire, the insider warned.

From The Kanilai Team On The Ground

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