The former Foreign Ministry Deputy Minister Sarjo Jallow, has been rearrested, the Freedom Newspaper was reliably informed by the NIA over the weekend. Mr. Jallow’s bail has been revoked by the deranged Kanilai monster Yahya Jammeh. The dictator has once again circumvented the court order by overriding the bail that was granted to the former Gambian Ambassador to the African Union.

NIA sources said Jallow was taken under custody, as soon Jammeh ordered for the revocation of his bail. Mr. Jallow’s lawyer Antouman Gaye has repeatedly in court that his client’s constitutional rights should be respected. This followed the NIA’S refusal to comply with a court order which ordered for Jallow’s release on bail.

In another development, the NIA is reporting that dictator Jammeh’s nationwide tour, which was scheduled for November 12th has been cancelled. The various security agencies were on preparation for the upcoming tour, when information reached them from the State House that the dictator has changed his mind on the pending tour. No reason was advanced for the cancellation of the tour.

In another unrelated news, the Executive Director of the National Environment Agency (NEA’S) Ndey Jobarteh has been dismissed with immediate effect. Mrs. Jobarteh was fired for unexplained reasons.

Written By Pa Nderry MBai

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