Adams Barrow who is in CRR promised people of Kaur and Niamina to salvage the country from its present state for a more prosperous future.
Both him and Omar Jallow OJ, promised to revitalize Kaur as a trade center, which was useful to neighboring towns of Senegal. Senegalese villages used to come for trading. Barrow said “We have formed the coalition with seven opposition parties. We have set our differences aside because of people’s interest so that we can effect a peaceful change of government,” Barrow said.

Barrow also lamented the current state of Agriculture in Niamina, which has collapsed as farmers cannot produce their own food any more. He outlined his strategy of revamping the agriculture sector and economy through investment and job creation for Gambian youth.

Barrow paid tribute to the jailed ex leader lawyer Ousainou Darboe, whom he termed as a great patriot, who sacrificed his life to ensure Gambians that they have a dignified and free life. He said “Darboe is my mentor and though his absence has only embodied the opposition that his dream has been materialized.”

Written By A Correspondent 

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