Mamma Kandeh, leader of The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) has said that the diplomatic ties between The Gambia and other countries is very poor. He said most of the embassies have left the country and “if you are looking for a visa you have to go to other countries.”

The GDC leader made this statement on Tuesday, when he was addressing thousands of people in Gambisara, adding that the country needs political change. He said twenty-two years ruling of President Jammeh and yet still people are encountering a lot of difficulties.

“ I think is better for him to step down and hand over the country to someone else,” Kandeh said.

Mamma Kandeh asked the people of Gambisara, to vote for him  so that he can change this country and bring  development. He assured the people of Gambisara that come December 1st, he would win the election and if that happens he would bring a lot of development to the country.

Dilating on President Jammeh’s Vision 2016 program, Mamma Kandeh added that the idea is good, but he want to tell President Jammeh that he does not have the plan to do it because this system needs a lot of money to run it. He said President Jammeh announced that come 2016 there will be no importation of rice in this country and this is not happening.

The GDC leader said GDC is here for peace and their aims is to bring peace into the country and work as a team to develop The Gambia. He said without peace, development would not take place and he is calling each and every one to maintain the peace of this country and respect the law.

Mamma Kandeh therefore thanked the People of Gambisara and its surrounding areas for the warm welcome they accorded to him. He promised the People of Gambisara that come December 1st when he win the election, he would do the celebration in Gambisara.  He said The Gambia belongs to all of us so we should work together to develop it.

In Baase Mansajang, the GDC leader, also addressed thousands of supporters saying that the people of Mansajang did not  gain any development for twenty two years noting that if this is development he is surprised. He said “you have been voting for President Jammeh for twenty two years and yet still there is no good roads, no good electricity.”

For the side of Buba Baldeh, Mamma Kandeh told supporters that a big politician like Buba Baldeh and a born citizen of Basse Mansajang who has contributed a lot in the history of this country died in Senegal and President Jammeh and his government refused him decent burial. He said Jammeh refused to allow Buba’s body to enter the country. He said “this is something which is very bad and with the help of God this would soon come to an end.”

He said when GDC comes into power they would build a museum in Basse, where all those who fought for the Independence of this country they would have their history in that museum. He went on to inform supporters that to enslave people would soon stop in this country because come December 1st with God’s power GDC would be announced victorious.

The people of this country supported President Jammeh for twenty two years and “he ended up of failing them so now is better for him to step down and let the Gambian people choose somebody who can develop this country for them because this is what they need.”

Turning on the religious aspect, the GDC leader said a President has no right to interfere with the peoples’ religions, noting that people have the right to belong to the religion that they want to worship. He said “instead President Jammeh tells people the day that they should pray for the Tobaski or Koriteh,” which he said is vey wrong.

Mamma Kandeh also told supporters that President Jammeh has no right of changing an alkalo of a particular town or village because he does not know how does that alkalo came into that village.

He said for the GDC, when they come to power they have no business in  deciding “when we are to pray or to fire an alkalo.

Written By A Correspondent

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