Gentlemen: You have taken a very courageous step in disobeying  Jammeh and upholding the democratically elected Mr Barrow. Few Gambians are congratulating you, but you deserve the thanks of all Gambians for sparing us a blood bath that could have set us back for decades. No matter what the outcome is, you made the right decision. If you maintain your position, do not break ranks and deliver a peaceful handover you will have done your country and the Jolla people a  great service. Although it attracts little sympathy, the Jolla people and armed forces have probably suffered in equal measure if not more at the hands of Jammeh. To become the indiscriminate target of revenge attacks from any one would be a further injustice leading to generations of hatred. It is in your interest to avoid this and protect your people.

As security chiefs you know more than anyone the dangers facing Gambia today. Jammeh appears to be still with you and is a constant threat. Relief is turning to anger and this will rise as more people are released from politically motivated imprisonment. There are consequences to any act and you face the consequences of the past 22 Years under Jammeh. However you hold the transition in your hands, for which we should be grateful. Without you it will be difficult to maintain the peace and turn our country around.   Your loyalty and support is essential until, during and after the transition.

If you have not already done so, please could you open discussions with Mr Barrow and his team as to a way forward. You cannot individually or collectively be expected to sacrifice yourselves and assets, but nor can you walk away scot free. I don’t have the answers  nor do I have any suggestions. I would point you to the way Mandela and De Klerk were able to work out a deal faced by the same prospects in the transition from apartheid to democracy. They have been compared to two drunk men unable to walk alone but supporting each other. They recognised each others needs and problems and worked successfully to produce the South Africa of today.

Whatever Jammeh may have been, you are rational and competent in your respective fields. Please do your best to serve the best interests of all Gambians. You’ve made an irreversible decision. The rest is discussion and negotiation in the best interests of our country. We are at a very delicate stage with many powerful emotions sweeping the country, not to mention the inevitable jockeying for power. Please maintain calm disciplined heads and finish what you have begun. Better the end of a thing than the beginning.

Our peace and security is in your hands. 

Written By A Patriot

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