Pa, can someone please tell Halifa Sallah that when calculating years, you count the first day as one day. You don’t count the first day to the end of the next day as one day. The point here is, by our constitution, Yahya Jammeh took office on Jan 19, 2012. Counting from that day, 5 years will END on midnight Jan 18, 2017. 

One more day of Yahya in office is too much to bear. I like most Gambians wish that Yahya will respect the people’s wish and go away. It appears that may not be the case. It is imperative that ECOWAS move into Banjul and drag him out of the State house. Nobody expect Yahya to fight, he spent the last 22 years bullying defenseless Gambians and threatening the citizens. My prediction is that when it is all said and done the coward will surrender.

It is curious that Yahya sent his wife and children to the safety of the US. If he was so brave, he will keep them close to himself in Banjul and defend them with life and limb, instead he sent them to the comfort and safety of a colonial entity as he often calls the West. That is the sign of a coward, The idiot can’t even protect his wife and kids and he calls himself a real man.

Finally Pa and all the Gambians that paid a huge price in the fight for peace and freedom, I salute you.

Written By Dr. Isatou Sarr

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