I have been following every process of political activities currently going on since April 2016 in Gambia and having read out going (I believe he must go) president Jammeh’s communication last night, I have one message for him. The time he had to make such a soft public speech to give the people of Gambia  another chance to have confidence in him is over. I must admit it’s one of the few speeches he has given without any element of arrogance, missing words “…..i will kill you”…..,etc as has been his speeches all thru his tenure as a president. He must accept he is not the president the Gambians need now. He had his chance but wasted it forgetting time is the best revenge, the best teacher and the great healer. Let him allow the Gambians to heal from the 22 years of forced silence on issues that affect them even when they had options to help themselves but your  regime couldn’t give them that opportunity.I hope he learns thats time has finally caught up with him.

Jammeh Orchestrated poverty on his people, fought, exiled and  killed all the people who had developmental  minds but was  opposed to his method of work. He created a vulnerable class of orphans, widows, and parents without children yet they produced. He reduced his people to beggars and refugees, in their own country. All these people’s tears will haunt him and his great grand children. Is this spirit of brotherhood he mentions in his speeches. Many GAMBIANS are educated and hold important top positions in countries that value education. For 22 years you failed to train lawyers, agriculturalists, doctors, engineers, teachers, what are you leaving your country with? You were not ashamed to run to Nigeria for judges to preside over your court case, had you forgotten President Buhari who is advising you to step down is the President of Nigeria?

I lived in Gambia in the Gambia in 2014 at the time of a foiled attempted cou’p,and i witnessed the torture his regime extended to the Gambians both in prison and citizens.The pain of going through 12 road blocks from Weststfield to Banjul  was my worst experience,not forgetting the inflation the country experienced that time.

The civil service structure is almost non functional  being unprofessionally controlled by school drop outs at state house.Jammeh you made education,logic, constructive criticism, professionalism in Gambia out of equation in realizing internal growth and development in Gambia.
Jammeh you planted a bad seed with all your neighbours despite the contributions they make to your country, don’t cry crocodile tears when its their time to push you in the dark corner.In all your speeches, you despised Senegal, USA,UN,ECOWAS.You beat the hand that feeds you.Where would Gambians be if it wasn’t  UNDP,EU,SOS,VSO,Child Fund,MRC and other UN agencies.
The rule of law, freedom of expression, dialogue, round table were never part of 22 year rule. Have you just realized these are necessary now?. Time has healed Gambians, those suffering in outside countries want to come home and build themselves from their mother land, please leave now and allow Gambians to take charge of their own affairs now. That is the best gift you can give to your fellow Gambians in 2017.

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