Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, has pleaded with the Chairperson of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Liberian President Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, to help convince the ECOWAS Heads of State authority to call upon the member states to allow the hired supreme court judges to travel to Banjul, and decide on his pending election petition.  Mr. Jammeh, who personally phoned Ms. Sirleaf, aired his private phone conversation with the Liberian leader via speaker phone broadcast live on state television GRTS on late Sunday evening. Desperate Jammeh is now becoming a prankster. He is calling his counterparts, placing them on speaker phone while having his television crew covering such “need to know conversation” live on TV. Absurd to the highest order!  The Liberian President could be heard telling Jammeh “You wanted to talk me again.” Jammeh replied in the affirmative. It appears that Jammeh has been stalking President Sirleaf on the phone lately. 

YAHYA JAMMEH (3)Looking confused, worried and fatigue, Jammeh told President Sirleaf that he would like her to contact her colleagues so that the pending election petition he filed before the Gambian supreme court could be adjudicated. Mr. Jammeh maintains that the “so called inauguration date” for President elect Adama Barrow, scheduled for January,19th, cannot take place until his election petition is decided by the court. Until then, Jammeh says the status quo is here to stay.

The Gambian leader said his argument is premised on the Gambian constitution. He also reaffirmed his commitment to uphold and observe the rule of law during the unsettled political impasse threatening Gambia’s fragile peace. 

Although, Jammeh emphasized that his request for ECOWAS’s intervention to prevail on member states to send judges to the Gambia, should be communicated to the ECOWAS body  by President Sirleaf. He ruled out the possibility of President elect Barrow to be sworn in on Thursday, January, 19th. He invoked the Gambian constitution to back up his assertion.

Unknown to her, President Sirleaf was being taped by Jammeh’s controlled state TV and radio. Her conversation with Jammeh was aired live on television.

In response, President Sireleaf said, she was encouraged by Jammeh’s latest attempt to reach out to ECOWAS to settle the political stalemate. She assured Jammeh that she will contact the ECOWAS mediation team so that his request could be tabled for consideration. She however, told Jammeh to put his request in writing. She also said ECOWAS wants to see peace in the Gambia. Jammeh concurred. He promised to formalize his request through writing. Jammeh also said he is interested in peace. He calls President Sirleaf of Liberia “my good sister.”

In another development, Jammeh’s ruling APRC, is going to convene an extraordinary session today in Banjul. Sources said Jammeh is planning to use his rubber stamp Parliament to legislate a bill that would extend his mandate and also to declare a state emergency in The Gambia. The Parliament building is also going to be heavily guarded by Jammeh’s security agents, sources close to the State House said,

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai  

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