Dear Mr. Mbai,

I just want you to follow up on this story Please.

Hon. Seedy Njie, the shortest-lived minster in Jammeh’s administration, is driving around town in a stolen, number-less government vehicle. The vehicle is a 4×4 white, tinted pick-up that belongs to the Office of the President.  He has changed the GG number and replaced it with a private number plate which he will fix whenever he is inside the car to fool the traffic police.

If anyone look closer at the side of the pick-up you will notice that the word ‘OP’ is painted over with white paint. The Fleet Officer at the Office of the President Can confirm this missing vehicle. Please check with him.

In a separate development, he was booed yesterday at the junction of the Senegambia roundabout by the people at that area when he was returning from the Transition meeting with the present government at the Kairaba. Hope you can confirm. This guy is a poison. He should be arrested for vehicle theft.

Thank you.

Written By An Insider 

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