Dear Pa,

Thanks for the space once again.  Attached is the memo ‘ in a bid to streamline and strengthen the administrative cadre’ from the SG to the President  for his considerations and directives of the President to promote and transfer some people contrary what he reported earlier that the coalition were not comfortable working  with the officials at Office of the President who worked with Jammeh. 

You can see that the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources was moved to SIS and the Deputy Permanent Secretary was promoted to Permanent Secretary. 

The Ministry of Interior with a new a Minister, the Permanent Secretary who was there for six years was transferred to Defence. The Permanent Secretary transferred there has never worked at that Ministry. Before being promoted and transferred to Defence, he could stay at the Ministry of Interior…

As we all know, we have a new Minister for Information although not yet officially announced, one of the Permanent Secretaries from OP is transferred there and has never worked at that Ministry. The one with institutional memory and wealth experience is one of the 24 government officials recently discharged. He should have been reinstated after following the process, guide the new Minister until he settles down then he can be transferred to another Ministry if necessary. 

Regarding his best friend on planet earth,  the SG is recommending her as Secretary to Cabinet, as indicated in the memo, it shows that currently the lady is a Permanent Secretary at OP  which  is not the case as she was dismissed by Jammeh and we are not aware of her being reinstated. This is dishonesty to the highest order. 

The SG is also recommending one of his mentors to be given a contract as a Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology because he has reached retirement age, although he is very competent, there are people in similar situation…why the preferential treatment…..Also the former Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Higher Education is also among the 24 government officials recently discharged and the SG knows very well that he should be reinstated. Why filing the position now…..

We know that Ebrima Sillah was not in the system and not stating where he worked before is ok but Mr Saidy was a lecturer at MDI and has never worked  in mainstream government…why hiding his experience….

Gambia belongs to all of us and we should all be treated equally. I hope the SG remembers what he said when he holds the Quaran and swear as Secretary General and head of the civil service.

We hope the recruitment committee will look into the affairs of the SG regarding his handling of the civil service. 

Concerned citizen


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