If there is anything good worth mentioning about the Jammeh regime, is the maintenance of peace and security in our communities and across the country. Since the Barrow Government came into being, the level of crimes have started to increase in our communities, night robberies, gambling and drug use is also in the increasing. Every time we have to be woken up in the middle of the night by loud abusive noises from erratic youths who spend the whole night gambling, cursing, using drugs and getting drunk. Bars and restaurants are not excluded either with prostitution also rising.

We are now finding it difficult to have peaceful nights in our homes all because the joint nightly patrols that used to be mounted by the combined security forces have stopped since President Adama Barrow came to power. Even the nightly check points on the roads have disappeared. Security should be uppermost in any new administration. Any lapses in security will be exploited by hardened criminals, drug dealers, bandits and arm robbers which are no longer scarce in our midst now.

Even the tight security surrounding the presidential motorcade seem relaxed a bit compared to when ex-President Jammeh was around. Immediately the presidential convoy passed, traffic will become a nightmare as motorists try to outmaneuver each other on the roads, thus a pandemonium will always ensue as soon as the convoys are gone. All these need to be addressed now before the situation escalate into something else. The Police have been doing a great job in the past I urge them to continue the excellent service. We owe it to our country.

Please bring back the joint nightly patrol to give us the peace and security in our homes at night. The attention of the new dynamic Interior Minister, Hon. Mai Fatty, is solicited. We cannot wait until crimes in our communities have started to reach alarming proportion or somebody is murdered before we start to take action. . Prevention is better than cure.

God Bless The Gambia!

Thank you

MBO Gaye

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