It is evident that a lot of activities are taking place particularly with regards to the arrest, detention and subsequent prosecution in some cases of persons who are allegedly accused of perpetrating heinous human right abuses during the Jammeh era. The move is very much welcomed by every law abiding citizen of the Gambia. This is a lesson to everyone that nothing in this world last forever. There must come a day that everyone will be accountable to their deeds being it good or bad. Those who did good work are maintained, promoted or rehired and those who did badly are either dismissed, arrested or being prosecuted. Honorable Mai Ahmed Fatty, I joined the rest of my compatriots in expressing our deepest and profound gratitude to you and your government. We salute your courage; forward ever backward never.

But, I must hasten to say that you must be careful. Be careful in the sense, your actions and pronouncements are predominantly one sided. The Jola Services Chiefs under your ministry are either sacked or arrested. The army chief is also sacked. What is more interesting is that they are almost all being replaced by your tribe. I am one of your tribe but justice is the cornerstone of peace, so I abhor this phenomenon.

Why don’t you sack other service chiefs who have in one way or the other contributed to the killings, jailing and the disappearances many innocent Gambians? But, you are conspicuously seen wining and dining with them as if they have not done anything wrong. Some of these chiefs are more criminal than David Colley and Yankuba Badjie.

IGP Yankuba J. Sonko and Yankuba Daboe, the Commissioner General of Customs are all criminals and devious individuals who must be sacked with immediate effect just like their Jola brothers. The IGP cannot be trusted at all. This was the man who publicly said and is on records that, Chief Manneh was alive and lived in America. He knew at the material time that what he was saying was a lie but he did it simply to appease his boss. The IGP position should be handled by credible, intelligent and trustworthy people. Sonko is not truthful and he is wolf in sheep’s clothing. He was the CMC when Manneh was arrested and detained by police at one point where he was being transferred from pillar to post- from Banjul to the last province of the Gambia before his eventual demise. The police in particular contributed to Manneh’s unfortunate debacle. Not only the NIA and the Junglers. The CMC’s office is very central to fabricating malicious and unfounded charges against innocent Gambians. They have helped in the jailing of many including Lawyer Ousainou Darbo. Mai Fatty, your very self was a wanted man by the police. If Jammeh had won, the IGP would be the first to order for your arrest. You were under intense surveillance and this time around you will not escape like you did in the previous elections. You escaped un-noticed and President Jammeh protested about that bitterly to the police and NIA. Was it not the Police that let paras (PIU) loose on UDP Executives and their militants like a swarm of bees resulting to many injuries that many are still nursing to this day?

Sonko was among those who witnessed and took part in the process that led to the killings of the Mile Two Nine (9). Almost all those killed were prosecuted by the police and IGP himself took part in no small measure. Many of those killed have not exhausted their court proceedings.  Their death was very sad, their corps nowhere to seen. Let him tell Gambians where those bodies are. He did not have the courage to advice government to act otherwise. It was the IGP, his deputy (SOWE) and the Operations-  a jamba friendly, cowboy police officer, who could hardly read or write, masterminded the transfer of UDP protesters to Janjanbureh until Solo Kruma died in detention in an unexplained circumstances. Hon. Minister, are you not aware of these? Lang Marong died in mysterious circumstances only yesterday. Sheriff Dibba died while in police custody – what a mess! Please Minister; do not pick and choose in administering justice. Remember all those arrested by the NIA, were without mercy charged and prosecuted by the Police. DIG Sowe is a cantankerous liar, he is proud and arrogant. He tells stories that are never founded. Perhaps he has started telling people that he is related to President Barrow. This is his style. If you know anything, Sowe knows better.

Sonko also participated in covering traces of evidence of the Ghanaians allegedly killed by Jugglers when UN came to investigate the matter. Now here he is investigating Jugglers on that allege killing of Ghanaians – what an irony? The arsonist turns to be the fire fighter!

The same things Yankuba Badjie is being accused of are the same for IGP Sonko.  Was it not the Police that denied the opposition permits? Was it not the IGP that ordered the closure of radio stations (e.g. FMB) and threatened to arrests their staff just during the political impasse? This was the man who tried to gamble between the two governments; Jammeh if he succeeded in staying and the Coalition. It is rarely possible to kill two birds with one stone. So called Executive Directives is tautology- the same goes for all services. It is not an excuse. Sonko has ordered and participated in the dismissal of many civil servants; some servicemen and civilians.

Yankuba Dabo, the commissioner General of Customs is very corrupt. Let him explain the missing hundreds of millions at customs in 2014-15. He ostracized many at Customs and dismissed a senior lady for just being too professional at work and standing up for her right. But due to the so-called inner circle they created with Yankuba Badjie and General Badjie, he rules at will. Yankuba Darbo: how many millions have you lavished at General Badjie just to keep your job? National audit should audit GRA as soon as possible. If Customs was handled by a Jola would he still be in his job? Dabo financed the purchase of APRC T-shirts, rallies and beauty pageants just to name a few.

There is regime change so everybody wants to show the good side of them. Let the law rules period. If you go after a particular group or tribe; it will not work- for Gambia belongs to all and history repeats itself. If you do not heed to this advice, I will be the LION, who will fight for your political demise in this country without fail just like the SOLDIER did to Yahya Jammeh on Freedom, he has succeeded.

Do not allow yourself to be the political lion of the old guards – they will throw you to the political dustbin eventually.

Written By An Insider

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