The Freedom Newspaper, has intercepted Hamat N.K Bah’s pay-stub (salary slip). Mr. Bah, is Gambia’s Minister of Tourism. His basic salary is D29,333.00 dalasi.  With other benefits and allowances included Bah rakes D49,333.50 dalasi per month. The information we are reporting will help Gambians to understand how Barrow’s government is operating. Below is a breakdown of the allowances accorded to Hamat Bah, as the country’s Tourism Minister:

As Tourism Minister, Hamat Bah, enjoys telephone allowance. Bah receives five thousand dalasi (D5000.00) monthly telephone allowance. This means he can use his official line to place local and international calls at the expense of poor taxpayers. Meanwhile, cost of living is on the rise; massive electricity and water shortages continue to hit the country. 

Mr. Bah pay-stub also indicated that the Minister also receive House Rent Allowance from government. Bah’s house allowance is five thousand dalasi (D5000.00). Government workers do not enjoy such benefits extended to Adama Barrow’s Ministers. Civil Servants haven’t receive salary increment for decades and yet Barrow is allocating all these unnecessary allowances to his Ministers.

As Tourism Minister, Hamat Bah, also receive Responsibility Allowance.  Bah’s responsibility allowance is ten thousand dalasi (10,000.00) dalasi.  This is the Minister, who closed his office to canvass for votes for his party. Bah, has not only abused his office, but he also betrayed the confidence, and responsibility bestowed on him by Gambian taxpayers. Ousainou Darboe, Foreign Minister,  Mai Fatty, Interior Minister, Isatou Touray, Trade and others are also doing the same thing at the expense of taxpayers. 

After all deductions and taxes paid to the government, Hamat Bah, who earns D49,333.50 dalasi, and will go home with a Net Pay of D41,567.00 dalasis.

Gambians are going to the polls on Thursday to elect National Assembly Members. It is evident that this government is insensitive to the plight of poor workers, taxpayers, and the electorate. Barrow and his Ministers can enjoy such exorbitant allowances and benefits, when our workers have been denied pay raise for decades. The average government worker cannot afford house rent, bag of rice to feed his family, and medical treatment, when fallen sick.

In order to avoid the replica of the Jammeh dictatorship, voters should use this election to vote for the right candidates.  Let make it happen on election day. Do not allow these GREEDY politicians to ride on your back!   

When contacted for comment, Gambia’s Information Minister Demba Ali Jawo said the figure mentioned in the story as Hamat’s basic salary seem to be accurate saying ” My salary is almost the figure you mentioned. I need to check my records though. I think I earn close to D30,000 dalasi monthly salary.  We receive housing allowance. But I am not aware of telephone and responsibility allowances as you indicated.” 

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