Soldiers recently transferred to the Basse army barracks have complained to the army chief of defense staff Masaneh Kinteh, during his tour of army barracks about lack of dwelling, food, and housing congestion, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Over 113 soldiers were recently transferred to Basse from the Greater Banjul area. But the Basse army post lacks sufficient rooms to accommodate the soldiers. Some of the soldiers claimed that they were sleeping on the floor, while others said they spent over D200 dalasi just to feed themselves.

Upon realizing that the CDS was about to visit the barracks, the Second Lieutenant overseeing the barracks ordered eleven mattresses for the soldiers. Food was also served that day. But the soldiers never mince their frustrations at the poor condition of dwelling at the Basse army barracks.

The Basse barracks used to be manned by over 51 soldiers. But following the change of government, the new CDS Kinteh decided to increase the capacity of the soldiers presence at the barracks.

The army PRO could not be reached for comment.

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