I greet each and every Gambian who wish well for our dear nation. The Gambia immigration department needs to investigate the legality of Mr. Abdoulie fatty’s stay in the Gambia based on how he got hold of our national identity papers, where was he given birth to? On what ground does he claim to be a Gambian? From sources, Abdoulie fatty was born in Guinea Bissau and as a teen he came to Cassamance for Quranic studies then proceeded to the Gambia. It was in the Gambia he had an opportunity to travel to Saudi for studies and came back, and suddenly, he became the imam of the state house through his God, prophet and boss. The reason I said his God is because he always bows down with the conviction of Yaya jammeh’s high spirituality thereby grasping waters poured by jammeh and rob it on his body for whatever blessing or protection it might be, he knows better. Abdoulie fatty in his sermon tried to compare a murderer and a rapist to one of the highest prophets of God the son of zackaria (as) who is Yahya (as), and of course is his boss because he praised and gave him all kinds of religious names.

Is Abdoulie fatty worth of the trust of Gambia people? I vividly remember when he delivers sermon and condemning ‘ GAMO’ by mentioning hadith that talks about innovations in Islam, after some months he was seen on the GRTS advertising the state house  ‘gamo’ organized by jammeh. Abdoulie fatty is the only so called imam in the Gambia that disgusting things are being related to him including Adultery, theft and many more. 

Who is Mr. fatty to declare or decide who are Muslims and who are not? When Allah in his glorious Quran gave a clear definition of a Muslim and also His beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW)   in his sahih hadiths, if fatty gave a different definition which are contrary to Allah and His prophet then who is lying? Obviously fatty is. Therefore, he should not lead any one in prayers because he is a hypocrite, a liar and an agent of satan.  Fatty is a very big treat to the peace and stability of our land, he is not a Gambian so he doesn’t care what the outcome of his evil games are. we are Gambians we care and love our country and we will make sure he is kept quiet, he cannot be lousy during jammeh’s era where he implicated a lot of innocent Gambians and again in the name of Islam he wants to gain the cheap popularity he has forever lost.

Ahmadis are one of the branches or sect in Islam, there are over seventy sects or denominations in Islam, and Abdoulie  fatty belongs to one of the sects call the WAHABIS, Ahmadis believe in the coming of a MESSIAH OR MAHDI which every other Muslim believed and they believed he has come in the person of Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, others said he has not yet come and are waiting, Should this belief qualified Ahmadis to be called KAFIRS? when they believed in the finality of the prophethood of Muhammed(SAW) as khataman nabiyeen (seal of prophets). Mr. fatty needs to go and read about Ahmadiyyat, their beliefs and concepst before declaring something which is against the word of Allah and His prophet hereby he fatty becomes a kafir, which he is for the fact that he does not have the character of a Muslim because Islam is peace.

Therefore the ministry of interior shall look into the issues and violent statements of fatty  because he is inciting a religious violence which we all know is the cause of all the mess in other Islamic countries, an Ahmadis will stand and defend their belief in whatever way necessary because faith is not politics, in politics you may belong to a party and a regime change makes you move to another, but people of faith will always be ready to sacrifice their life, time and honour for the sake of their religion and that is what it is in the case of the Ahmadiyya jamat. Therefore, I call all and sundry to condemn such moves and stay away from hypocrites to avoid hatred and violence in our dear mother land.

But until bigotry, prejudice, malicious and inhuman self-interest have been replaced by understanding and tolerance and good will, we will stand and speak as the creator of the Almighty Allah.



A DISCLAIMER: This my personal view, it is by no means coming from the Ahmadiyyat jamat but from humble self as a citizen of the Gambia.


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