I do not usually reply to ghost people who are not brave enough to affix their names in their articles. However, I was expecting a crony or a paid someone to say something about my article but not Mr. Muhamed Jah in person who will not deny the story.

Mr. Yusupha Dibba was the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Communication and he is privy to what transpired.

I have never said anything about an Internet gateway project in my article. You are confusing the ACE project that was inaugurated in 2014 and mixing it my reference to the USAID ISP initiative way back in 1999. I notice you are not a telecoms savvy hence your confusion.

For your information, the Internet did not start in the Gambia in 1989 but in the year 1999 with Gamtel being the first ISP. Even in the USA where the Internet was born did not offer commercial Internet services in 1989. I attended the very first ISPCON (Internet Service Provider Conference and Exhibition) in Baltimore USA in 1998. Bill Gates, John Chambers of Cisco routers and Harry Newton the author of the Telecom Dictionary were there to introduce the commercial Internet to the American Audience. I was invited to attend this conference by Harry Newton who helped me source manufacturers of card production and the platform switch to offer prepaid calling cards.

It is your right to defend whom you want but I am far from being an angry man my friend. People know me as a happy man. I thank GOD for that. Since your measurement of wealth is how much money one has, then I am a poor man. But if it comes to helping Gambians grow their businesses then I am rich man. I envy no one in this world. Not even the richest human being in this world much less in small Gambia. Muhamed Jah knows I wish him well and encourage him to dominate the Telecommunication industry, the Banking industry and all other businesses he is in.  I have done my share in encouraging many Gambian businesses grow and will continue doing so as long as am alive.

If it comes to helping our dear country regain her freedom and dignity from the grips criminal dictator Yaya Jammeh and his enablers then I hold my head high.

I refused to be a bootlicker to a nonentity like Yaya Jammeh just like you. My DNA will not allow me to be a slave to a criminal soldier who took up guns to enrich himself.

For the rest of your bla!bla!bla! I drink water, sleep tight and wake up in heaven as a happy man.

“Mon frère, on se connait” Mort de rires. LOL! Pa Ndery Mbai must be laughing his stomach out. LOL!

Pa Njie Girigara.

Editors note:  Koto Pa Njie, we have notified the author, who debunked your piece, about an editorial decision we made here at Freedom in regards to his rejoinder. That if he doesn’t associate his name with his write ups in the future, we will not publish it. Of late, the person in question, has become a reality checker for the Barrow government against those criticizing the regime. He has went after so many contributors on this medium in the name of defending the regime in Banjul. He is a good brother, but I cannot withstand his double standards. The direction he is heading towards, is a path to self destruction. He is up to no good!

If he can publish his name in some of his write ups, why is he afraid to associate his name with the Jah/Njie story?  Simple cowardice!  

These are the type of folks, hiding behind pen name to attack people via social media. If he is brave enough to launch such a barrage of criticism against Mr. Njie,  I see no reason why he should be hiding his name. Yahya Jammeh is gone, and we expect such cowards to come out from the closet and defend whatever they penned.

I laughed my ass off, when I read his half truths rejoinder. The guy is clueless. He doesn’t know Pa Njie. He was just making things up. I deem it imperative to weigh in. Mr. Muhammed Jah, is more than welcome to write his own rejoinder. The unaccredited lobbyist should consider venturing into areas he is knowledgeable or familiar with and stop the online attacks against critics of the regime. Thanks for your attention. 

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