By Dawda Bah (Forwarded By Ousman Kinteh, UK)

Watchman Moro Sano a Gambian-Sanyang born working at Tujereng Social Security and Housing Financial Estate (SSHFE) survived from gunshot when an unknown man opened fire on his head between the hours of 9-10pm on Saturday.

Moro 30, who’s earning his daily living as a care taker at the quiet Tujereng Estate located alongside Tujereng-Sanyang highway on the left almost lost his life if shot with a strong bullet.

“The victim was shot by a local gun, he is not in a life threatening situation and as I am speaking he is in a good condition.” Said Modou Lamin Jammeh, public relation officer (PRO) at Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, Banjul on Monday.

He further appealed to all Gambians to be law abiding as the country registered several gun fires in this new regime. He spotted out, the opened fire occurred at the ex-President Jammeh’s Kanilai home in Foni, the current Farato’s situation, all of this happened in this 2017 year.

This medium on Monday visited the country’s highest referred hospital and engaged the victim’s brother Edrissa Sano who sounds bitterly about the incident.

“I was extremely socked when i received call that my brother is shot at the estate, which kept me wondering if he’s alive.” Said Edrissa Sano the victim’s brother.

He added, according to my brother who went to ease himself at a bit bushy surrounding nature, ‘’one gunman from nowhere met him sitting and pointed a gun and touch light at him,” “Moro in turn replied a reflection of light with his own touch and soughed don’t shoot me I am a human being but the gun man insisted and opened fire on his head.”

The sound of the gun and alarming cried by Moro eventually show gunman disappeared as neighbours responded for help.

The Sanyang born Moro is working at a woman own compound in the estate who’s husband is the Managing Director (M.D) at Continental Travel Agency Alh. Buba Saho.

The Continental Travel boss Saho, have been speaking to this reporter following the incident to sound his knowledge about the trauma.

“Moro who is an employee to my wife as a care take of her compound for the past 4-5 years is a very hard working man whom we recognized crowd free, he is very comfortable in the compound.” Said M.D Alh. Buba Saho.

He added that the biggest SSHFE in Tujereng which consist of two faces 1 and 2 is neglected in the sense that it is too bushy and lack consistent security patrol at the area.

He appealed to the Inspector General of the Gambia police force and his militant to keep eying the area and further called on the managing director of SSHFE to visit the place and find ways to develop the settlement.

A watchman working at the same Tujereng SSHFE who’s name wish not to be mention have been reflecting his concern about the happening.

“I am deeply socked and frighten about what happened to my neighbor, I am calling authorities to take a warm actions to address this human threating.” He said with a frown face.

Victim Moro Sano is currently admitted at Banjul hospital where he is receiving treatment from the institution’s health workers under stewardship of new manager Dr. Samateh.

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