SIS’s DG, Ousman Sowe, is instituting divide and rule system at the spy agency. He is relegating and denigrating against operatives believed to be closer to the former DG Yankuba Badjie. He is keeping a distance from them as we speak. Jola operatives are not also happy as some have started leaving the job and a lot will follow if their persecutions continue. Treat us all equally.

DG has recalled all the liaison officers (LOs) from abroad for so-called consultations and after the event he allowed all to go back to their respective postings except Badara Tamba who was recently posted in Senegal. Badara did not return simply because he was Jola. SIS is very interesting- all those Los abroad were appointed by Yankuba Badjie and are all still being maintained by the corrupt and inept DG. But why did he change only Badara? The answer is simple; Badara will not give money and he is Jola unfortunately. Badara Tamba is very hard working, discipline and dedicated young man who respects us all regardless of ones tribe, senior or junior, old and young.

Ouman Sowe is a native of Foni Bulock. He speaks Jola and integrated with them very well. Sowe used this to his advantage by forging connections with the high and mighty of the Jammeh era officials to rise to the top echelon of government. He was a good buddy of Yankuba Badjie and General Saul Badjie. The two helped him a lot during his trouble days. He was reinstated- thanks to Saul Badjie. He was deputy permanent secretary and worked in many ministries. In most circumstances he was transferred due to carelessness, under performance and showboat likeness. He could not also scribble the pen that much. Having Master’s degree does not make one a genius. Sowe: have you not pleaded with General Badjie  to be moved to Petroleum Ministry and for Oga Jammeh to appoint you as minister of….? If General Badjie were to face the famous commission, the likes of Sowe will faint in disgrace. All evil perpetrators of the past will be unreservedly exposed – DG Sowe included.

Ousman Sowe masters the art of lobbying and is paying off for him big time.  Sources say he highjacked a scholarship earmarked for one of the security services for a master’s programme in Malta. Tell me, if it were not greed, should a permanent secretary go on course while his office is left vacant? Sowe is a career lobbyist; he was the only one whose Directorate position was lying in wait for about a year when he was LO in Sierra Leone. He kept Daba Marena happy by greasing his palm every month. Daba took him to Sierra Leone and later appointed him as Director of External Security. As Director, he befriended hostile targets and leaked classified info against the state. In many instances, after orchestrating the act he turned around and blamed his subordinates. He was however boosted and hence his dismissal from the agency. He is a snitch and an information risk for that matter. DG Sowe will never relent lobbying. He lobbied vigorously through Barrow’s government to be appointed Director General of SIS. He used politicians as well as President Barrow and his wife to get to the position. If it were not lobbying would he get the position? He was already PS environment….!

The recent transfers are illogical so to speak. The transfer of Director Bojang to West Coast Region was well received by staff of the Technical Directorate. In just few months he brought Bojang back to the same unit and changed him with Director Lamin Fatty. Fatty is the right guy at technical – that is the field he studied. Bojang is a liability to the intelligence. He cannot read or write. He disgraced us all when he was being crossed examined at the NIA 9 trial. The English he spoke was not British English, neither Aku nor Nigerian Pigeon English. Even illiterates who were in court realized the guy’s English was very poor. He was sweating like a thief who just evaded arrest. Bojang was a very good friend of Yankuba Badjie. This was the man telling Solo Sandeng that ‘will kill you all like dogs’ while seating besides Yankuba Badjie. Bojang should be charged for inciting murder. So far, all state witnesses must all be charged with conspiracy to commit murder. It is impossible for a murderer to testify against a fellow murderer. This is why the NIA 9 case is encountering lots of setbacks. The killers are seen walking freely without the slightest fear of being arrested. The likes of Ousman Sowe are not bothered by ethics to say the least. He brought Bojang back to create division in the agency. ‘Jabo’ as Bojang is fondly called, is not in talking terms with many in the agency. Staff run away from him. Bojang is very good at one thing- lying against others and lobbying to get his way through. Perhaps he lobbied to come back.

Fatou Sanneh, another notorious sellout of the former DG has absconded to the US for fear of prosecution. Fatou Sanneh and Bojang knew a lot about Solo Sandeng’s death. Fatou shed crocodile tears when she was summoned for questioning and the police allowed her to go scot free. She has not been comfortable since then. If she had no connection with Solo’s murder, why did she run away? She knew Yankuba Badjie will expose them when he gives his defense testimony. Bojang and others be warned; yanks will not spare you at all. With all the scandals about the alleged killers, Sowe is bringing them closer to himself. Fatou Sanneh was selected to escort the First Lady Madam Fatou Barrow to Dakar, Senegal. Interesting! DG was warned severally to keep an eye on Fatou but, he never listened. SIS is a disgrace to the Gambian people. Is this a calculated move by DG Sowe? Time will tell. Sowe is technically blocking investigations into alleged NIA murders, tortures and illegal detentions. Sowe has strongly agreed to cooperate with all investigations when he was being appointed; however, he is not cooperating with the Barrow Government big time. He is preoccupied with money making ventures only.

DG has no sense of direction. He has not brought any meaningful changes as envisaged. The only changes evident are the double TTs- meaning, Transfers and Travels. He made unwarranted transfers and travelled (himself) countless times within a short spell. If it were not for publicity stunt, where on earth have we heard of intelligence recruit graduation? Intelligence organizations conduct their recruitments and trainings discreetly. They are never exposed to the public due to the sensitivity of the discipline. Sowe wants recognition at all cost- he is not the type to lead the intelligence. Can an incompetent captain steady the ship in turbulent waters? No way.

What kind of democratic intelligence is DG Sowe talking about? Has he forgotten the Brikama episode where he sent some operatives to monitor and arrest drug traffickers?  He ordered them to shoot at the alleged traffickers until some sustained injuries. A drug officer was beaten to coma by his men. He could not stand the heat when the matter was brought to court. He used the Foni connection by pleading with Ben Jammeh to omit his name in the investigations. Ben complied. Sowe ‘pulled head’ (refrained) from the case and put his colleagues to an unbearable danger. His colleagues were all charged and arraigned at the High Court in Banjul but were subsequently freed. Good leaders defend their men not sacrifice them.

DG, tell us all that you know about the murdered Ghanaians investigations in 2009? You will not. The jungullers will expose you at a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). Jungulers are not the only killers- investigators helped them to cover up. This is why jungullers detained at the barracks are moving about freely waiting for the right moment to break the glass ceiling of secrecy.  Jungullers vowed- no stone will be left unturned.

Gambia is unsafe. The agency should be focusing on weapons that are unaccounted for and are believed to be hidden in soldiers’ houses. We must endeavor to gather credible intelligence on landmines planted in the Fonis. Profile all those soldiers who have left with the former President Jammeh. We should institute measures to curb and address the polarization and the dissatisfaction in the army. How about those gone on AWOL? How about the trouble Cassamance region so closed to our shores? Expand our intelligence collections network across the length and breadth of the country. If we had done this, we would have detected in advance the protests in Kanilai, Farato, kololi, Sibanor, URR, e.c.t.

DG sowe is greedy. He is a spendthrift and selfish. Why were you sacked from one of the banks? Man, where is the Spanish fund? I rest my case.

Written By An Insider

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up are sorely that of the author. Thanks for your attention. 

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