One of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s, assassin members, who was recently declared wanted by the Barrow government Sulayman Sambou, is believed to be living in Portugal, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Sambou briefly settled in Guinea Bissau, before travelling to Portugal. He secured a travelling Gambian document from the country’s Immigration Department with a fake name. He was aided by some scrupulous Gambian Immigration agents to secure the travelling document.  

As evident on this picture, Mr. Sambou is checking in at an airport to board a flight to Portugal. Our source said Sambou has been in touch with the dictator’s entourage in Equatorial Guinea.

Both Sulayman Sambou and jungullar Sanna Manjang left the country at the same time. The whereabouts of Sanna Manjang remains unknown.

Mr. Sulayman Sambou, has been linked to numerous secret killings, abductions and torture in the Gambia. He was said to have coordinated and participated in the torture and killing of Ebrima Solo Sandeng, and the sexual assault inflicted on the UDP female supporters. He was one of the most ruthless and brutal members of Jammeh’s constituted assassin team called the jungullars. 

Mr. Sambou was recently included in the list of absconded former officers, and soldiers of the Gambian armed forces, who have been linked to torture, secret kidnapping and murder of Gambians during Jammeh’s rule. A magistrates court in Banjul, has issued a warrant for their arrest.  

In another development, over 240 Gambian soldiers have defected from the army. Many of the deserters have relocated to Mauritania. It has been alleged that Mauritania is now becoming a safe haven for Gambian soldiers deserting from the military. 

” It is rumored that Gambian soldier deserters have started regrouping in Mauritania. The Gambian intelligence is aware of the situation. This is really scary,” said our source. 

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