Reaction from football stakeholders on the recent corruption claim by Sports minister Henry Gomez

12 July, 2017

STATEMENT FROM Alhagie Essa Jallow :

The minister of youth and sports’ allegation of corruption in our sports is a cause for concern.  Am not sure how he arrived at that without a proper investigation, therefore I will for now refer to it as gross irregularities. Am concerned about what steps he might take to try to take to address it too.

The reason is, former Minister Alieu K Jammeh made similar allegations and moved in to dismantle the fabric of our sports. We are still suffering from the consequences of his erratic actions. The current administration should not repeat the same mistake. I believe the minister’s allegations are directed at football and am one of the main critics of GFF but would call for an investigation first.

Presently at least three regional football associations have had petitions against them over the conduct of their elections and there are serious questions Gambia football federation need to answer. We know that concerns were also raised over GFF finances in a previous AGM and now a series of questions are being raised over the creation of certain positions and subsequently filled by individuals who are not qualified for the roles. The positions were not advertised and are not even necessary for an organization like GFF. The creation of a new event management committee is also unnecessary because there already exist an organising committee which can create that within itself in the event of a major event.

Omar Sey’s interim committee managed to reduce the GFF wage bill by almost half and with new appointments since that time, the bill is surely on the high. The increase of the per diem of officials on over seas trips, the purchase, fuel and maintenance of the President’s vehicle, and the astronomical figure said to be spent on the refurbishment of the  Technical Training Center (goal project) is mind boggling.

We would want to see a transparent and fair investigation without prejudice.


“Lamin Jassey with honesty and respect, could you tell us who you are in Gambian sports especially football so that we can comprehend what you are trying to achieve defending a corrupt federation masterminded by two key individuals.

Giving Mali as a sample will never help us. Remember all the scam involving the previous so called normalisation processes of our football. Where are the pioneers of those projects, They prefer to remained silence because they instituted a corrupt federation  feeding on football individually. A lot regretted their doings.

They made uncountable allegations about the previous Exco under Kebbeh about age cheating when in reality they were the very people responsible for what befell on Gambia then. Sending a secret letter to Liberian FA pointing out our boys to them they perceived as over aged. Remember that the youngest player for the recent u20 team they paraded for the tournament that ended some months ago was 25 years. If people who knew and if they were not for the sake of the players, the same scenario could have happen. In as much as you are a fan of the current president of GFF, with your professionalism, I do not believed that the Lamin Jassey we know who was brought in the FA by Seedy MB Kinteh and would always condemn malpractice could be seen daily defending an institution that is corrupt to the core.

I am not advocating for dissolution but looking at all the issues, there is a serious lack of commitment to develop our football by team Kaba Bajo. We are not speculating but stating facts. They want to stay in power and because of that they running behind close doors looking for people sympathetic to them to speak for them.

Do you know the amount of money that came in before Kebbeh left office and not spent by them that they took over and within a short period they butchered all that money. Could you imagined spending 3.9million on female football that never was organised. Why are they interfering or involving in match fixing. We can go on and on. If the ministry decided to dissolve, they have a whole lot reasons to do so even if we don’t like it.

To avoid that happening, they have to accept that they failed us and resign quietly and we go into transition where FIFA and all stakeholders could put sound ideas and solutions to develop a fitting blue print or whatever you may call it for a better  approach to put back smiles on the fans.

Each day you defend the system , its like putting dagger into the hearth of football fans with passion for our game.

Make a proper research and you will come to realise that the allegations are real. 

Whether FIFA take action or not if the ministry so desired to do so we still need to restart if we wish to progress. Talents are abundantly available but because of personal aggrandizement at the expense of our football and players, we failed to listen the wise”.

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