A Gambian soldier, who wrote to the Freedom Newspaper, is complaining about the exposure of former dictator Yahya Jammeh’s luxurious cars in the hot sun. The letter below might sound ridiculous, and laughable to many, but the concerned soldier, is the least happy with president Adama Barrow’s move to display Jammeh’s cars in the open sunlight. He thinks that Jammeh’s cars should be stored in a cold temperature and not in the hot sun. The vehicles have been assembled at the State House in Fajara, where Barrow operates as the president of the Gambia.

The soldier, who wished to remain anonymous also complained about Senegalese soldiers allegedly “using Jammeh’s cars at night to follow women in town.” He said each time Jammeh’s cars have been used by the Senegalese soldiers, they will remove the number plate.

The ECOMIG Commander to the Gambia Colonel Magatte Ndiaye, has denied the soldier’s allegations in an interview with the Freedom Newspaper. He said his troops are professional elites, and would not engage in any act outside the dictates of the ECOMIG mission to the Gambia. He said all vehicles used by the troops belong to the Gambia government and not Yahya Jammeh.  He said the vehicles are normally used for VIP protection escort and missions. Mr. Ndiaye added that his troops are busy working to keep Gambians safer than to engage in activities that will undermine the ECOMIG mission.  We will publish the full interview later.

Below is the soldier’s message:

I am writing to you with a heavy heart. President Adama Barrow is not taking good care of the vehicles belonging to the former President Yahya Jammeh. If Adama Barrow is using these vehicles, he should take good care of them. It is wrong for him to leave the Jammeh vehicles in this hot sunlight. What a wicked government!

This escalade truck bearing the registration number BJL 7078 belongs to the former First Lady Zeinab Jammeh. This is the vehicle the former president’s wife used while at the State House. It is among the fleet of Jammeh and First family’s vehicles expose to the hot sun.

The vehicle with the registration number: BJL 800 M is Adama Barrow’s own VIP vehicle. His reserve vehicle is BJL 7080 M. That’s the two white vehicles. These are Barrow’s presidential vehicles. He knew that as a president he should not use the said vehicles, but he decided to use Jammeh’s vehicles. Sadly, Barrow is not taking good care of Jammeh’s cars.


The yellow Ford is a brand new fire engine. It was shipped from the factory not long ago. It was shipped directly from the car factory to the Gambia. This was during Jammeh’s tenure as president.

It is a very expensive car. I can say that throughout Africa, the said car can only be found in the Gambia and South Africa. These are the only countries having such cars on the continent.

Despite the cost associated with these luxurious cars, president Barrow decided to expose Jammeh’s cars to the sunshine. The Rolls- Royce cars are expensive cars. I think it is unfair for President Barrow to expose Jammeh’s Rolls-Royce cars to the sunlight.

The Senegalese soldiers are also using Jammeh’s cars at night to follow women at night. When they are going out at night, they normally remove the license plate of Jammeh’s vehicles.

As evident on these pictures, the said vehicle was parked yesterday afternoon at the Serrekunda market by a Senegalese soldier. The vehicle belongs to the former president Yahya Jammeh. I will feed you with more information, as time permits.


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