Gambia’s spy chief will soon be removed, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The Coalition government is working on replacing Ousman Sowe, the Director General of the newly established State Intelligence Services (SIS), formerly known as the National Intelligence Agency. Plans are afoot to replace Mr. Sowe.  Among those approached and offered the position of SIS DG, is Ebrima JT Kujabi, a former close aide of the exiled Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh.

Mr. Kujabi live in the United States. He was recently contacted by an official of the Barrow government and was asked if he could consider running the SIS, but Kujabi, politely turned down the job offer, sources said. Mr. Kujabi was said to have declined the job offer.

JT Kujabi, has served in various positions in Jammeh’s government: ranging from State House Press Director, Deputy Ambassador to the United States, and Ambassador at large. He used to be Jammeh’s most trusted aide. 

Mr. Kujabi later fell out with his dictator brother. He subsequently migrated to the US, where he now calls his home. The exiled dictator tried to mend fences with him weeks before his fall from grace, as the dictator was quoted as saying that he regretted parting company with Mr. Kujabi.

His mom Asombi Bojang has repeatedly reprimanded Jammeh, in the past for severing ties with his relatives such as JT Kujabi, Pa Bojang, and Lang Tombong Tamba. 

According to sources, if JT Kujabi, had accepted the job offer accorded to him by the government, his appointment would have been seen as a tactical move by the Barrow government to promote diversity in the security forces. For reasons best known to him, Kujabi, decided to decline the job offer.

Mr. JT Kujabi could not be reached for comment. But a source close to Kujabi said: “ JT Kujabi, was recently approached by someone influential in the government to help run the SIS. JT had a cordial rapport with the official in question. He told the official that he wants to pass onto the job offer.”

Mr. Ousman Sowe could not be reached for his own side of the story.

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