“ All former Jammeh employees are equal; but some are more equal than others,” twitted Momodou Sabally, the former Secretary General and Presidential Affairs Minister under dictator Yahya Jammeh’s rule. “# Animal Farm; # Cant cage me,” Sabally added. 

Mr. Sabally goes with the street name “ The Gambian Pen.” He is apparently weighing in on the ongoing recycling and hiring of former Jammeh’s employees by the Barrow administration. Some of Sabally’s former colleagues have been rehired by the new government, but he is yet to be offered a job.

Although sources said Sabally is not interested in working for the new government. He wants to concentrate on his new empowerment program.

Mr. Sabally’s twitter rants prompted the likes of Nyang Njie, a former Finance Ministry staffer under Jammeh’s rule to weigh in. Mr. Njie is said to be a trained economist, like Momodou Sabally.

“ Jammeh employees? I thought they are state employees. Anyway, life is just not fair and the theory of equity is an elusive quest.  Administrations do have the discretionary powers vested on them to select their teams, as per their whims and caprices. God bless Gambia,” Nyang Njie remarked. 

Former Jammeh enablers such as Mamburay Njie, the former Finance Minister, Alieu K Jammeh, former Sports Minister, his brother the MD of the Gambia Civil Aviation Authority, Momodou Tangara, the Gambian Ambassador to the United Nations; just to name a few, have been rehired by the new government.

In response to Mr. Sabally’s  posting, Saikouba Sisay said: “ My mathematics brain tells me that it’s either equal to or not equal to. It is hard for me to understand what you mean by more equal.”

Kexx Sanneh agrees with Mr. Sabally. He describes the current situation as “ selective justice.”

Written By A Freedom Newspaper Social Media Trending News Reporter

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