This is to inform you of the latest development at the Civil Service. Yesterday, Dawda Fadera and Ousainou Darboe have decided that the head of these institutions should be replaced because they are Jolas. These institutions are National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), Food and Agriculture Development Project (FASDEP), Gambia Bureau of Statistics (GBoS) and National Aids Secretariat (NAS) until the decision is revoked they have all been replaced.

For GNPC, Mamburay NJie has replaced Modou Badjie and Alieu Jobe who was reported to be involved in the Ndure Chams coup has been appointed as the Director of Finance replacing Madun Sanyang. Madun Sanayng, is the only one who is not reinstated of those who were involved in the Petroleum saga…why because he is a Jola…..

Also Seedy Kanyi, has been reinstated but Mr Drammeh who was overseeing the Transport Corporation when Seedy was detained refused to vacate the position because his sister (Amie Bensouda), has contributed to the UDP.

Now the Transport Corporation has been divided. You have the Seedy camp and the Habib camp. The Managing Director and his Deputy at AMRC have been terminated. The Managing Director has been replaced by Isatou Jallow, who was one time Auditor General and the argument was she is a Chartered Accountant whilst Momodu Badjie is also a Chartered Accountant, but he was demoted to a Director of Finance.  Ansumana Touray, who resigned during Jammeh’s regime as Director of Budget, has been appointed as DPS Fiscal  at the Ministry of Finance because he is a Mandinka……

Now the struggle is GBOS between the coordinator of the THINK TANK (Falu Njie) and Momodou Lamin Cham (Dawda Fadera’s cousin) who among them is supposed to be the SG. Cham is saying that he is a Mandinka and is also a UDP supporter and Falu is backed by the VP overseer. Cham is telling the staff that when he is appointed he will dismiss all the Jolas. He is conniving with the other three Directors and now the HR Officer, who is just recruited has joined them.

Fatou Jaw Manneh, was appointed as the Deputy Managing Director of GRTS.  Dawda Fadera, has recently proposed to the Commissioner General of GRA for Sheriffoe Jobarteh to be given a contract because is a family friend to the first Lady but he was told that many people have retired and it is fair to give him a contract and not the others and that has been put on hold.

Finally, Ebrima Dibba has been appointed as a Protocol Officer to Saudi Arabia and Buba Ayi Sanneh, has been appointed as Deputy Ambassador to South Africa which Darboe turned down but Barrow had to intervene.  

It is very unfortunate that we are in such a  mess and no one is talking about it.

Written By  A Concerned citizen

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