The new Kunta Kinteh ferry, has started developing mechanical problems, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The multimillion dalasi ferry, which was recently commissioned by president Adama Barrow, couldn’t navigate between Banjul and Barry ferry crossings on Tuesday. The ferry was grounded due to mechanical issues. This has led to an unprecedented passengers overcrowding in Banjul and Barra. Fleets of lorries were also stranded in the two ferry crossing points. 

If the new Kunta Kinteh ferry, is under warranty, it should be returned to the manufacturer. GPA sources said the ferry had developed a major technical problem yesterday. Our sources will not go into details, but hinted that the fanfare which greeted the commissioning of Kunta Kinteh is gradually dying down—thanks to Tuesday’s breakdown.

A GPA customer to the Freedom Newspaper that he had to divert his trip to McCarthy, following the breakdown of the Kunta Kinteh ferry. He said he waited for hours at Barra, without Kunta Kinteh arriving. He had to travel via McCarthy, Soma, then to Banjul.   

In another development, it took the Kanilai ferry three hours yesterday before it could anchor. Barra was the scene of stranded cars and trucks. 

The Kunta Kinteh ferry was purchased in Holland. This was dictator Yahya Jammeh’s project. It was commissioned by Adama Barrow few months ago. 

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