Last Friday, we were held in virtual captive after the Friday prayers at a mosque near the Independence stadium until CDS Kinteh had to pass with his motorcade with loud siren. This type of excessive protection is only meant for the president and not for the head of the army which is uncalled for and can even cause unnecessary discomfort to the public.

Imagine all those who attended the Friday prayers had to wait in their cars and give way to the noisy escort accompanying CDS Kinteh, as all of us were compelled to park our vehicles under the hot sun until his motorcade pass

Those of us residing in Burusubi are also suffering the same dilemma, whenever we are going to work from Burusubi in the mornings. You either have to be on the road as early as 7.00 am to avoid the unusually long escorts giving to CDS Kinteh and Ms Tambajang, the acting VP, or you will be late at work.

The former VP, Njie Saidy, was a modest person. She would always leave for work before 7.00 am to avoid causing traffic chaos to the motorists.

Unlike other countries, Gambia lacks four-lane or highways. We are only making use of very small traffic ways, so those over-protected and ostentatious public officials must understand that it is also our rights to use the roads. Disrupting motorists after Friday prayers especially being accorded the same escort as the president is uncalled for and a waste of tax payers resources. Army chiefs in other countries use minimum escorts on the roads.

Please CDS Kinteh, spare us the heavy security details surrounding your movements. We are not in a stage of war! 

Written By An Insider 

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