“I am not appointed as DMD GRTS. I did not watch GTRS for over 20 years. I don’t even have a TV. Better get one now. Thanks for your well wishes and messages though. And will forward some of your concerns to Ebrima Sillah.  Lol..,” Fatou Jaw Manneh wrote on her Facebook wall. She was responding to a Freedom Newspaper story, in which it was reported that she has been appointed Deputy DG of GRTS.

Ms. Manneh recently met with president Barrow. Our sources said she is Barrow’s pick for GRTS DMG. Our sources have never failed us. We stated in our report that “unless the administration rescinds the decision”, she was going to take over from the current GRTS DMG. But she is apparently denying knowledge about her appointment.

Fatou Jaw Manneh, has been in the Gambia for a while now. She used to live in the United States. But she returned home, following the fall of the former dictator Yahya Jammeh. 

We want to thank Fatou Jaw Manneh for the clarification. Ebrima Dibba too has clarified to us that he is yet to receive his letter of appointment as a Protocol officer at the Gambian Saudi Embassy. But he said, he will not be surprised if appointed by the new government.

Mr. Dibba is travelling to the Gambia on Monday. Perhaps, he will find his appointment letter at the Foreign Ministry by the time he arrives.

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