A close associate and surrogate of the GDC Leader Mama Kandeh, Modou Cham, AKA MC Cham, has said that the Gambia risked returning to dictatorship—given the police’s latest alleged move to profile political opponents in the country. Mr. Cham, who phoned in from Banjul, during Freedom Radio Gambia’s Thursday Civic Education Show, strongly deplored the current political situation in the country. He said the Barrow government has started profiling political opponents for no just reason.

“We went to the police to apply for a permit to organize a political rally in Brikama, this coming Saturday. To our surprise, we were asked by the police to provide them with detailed information about our personal life, family background; names of siblings; names and contact phone numbers of our wives; children; and criminal history. We were also asked if we had scars on our body. This has never happened in this country. Even under dictator Jammeh’s rule, we were never subjected to such rigorous screening,” Mr. Cham lamented.

Mr. Cham and his GDC colleagues were screened at the police Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU). Detectives ensured that they fill in a paperwork, which required them to furnish the police about their political background; family and criminal history.

“I think the conduct of the police amount to invasion of privacy. They have no right to ask us about the names of our wives, kids, and their contact phone numbers. This country is on the path to another dictatorship. Nothing is going to stop us from exercising our constitutional rights,” MC Cham remarked in the Wolof local dialect.

GDC sources said MC Cham and co were screened by Commissioner Sanneh, and PRO Conta. Our sources said the police is yet to grant the GDC permit to hold their proposed Brikama rally.

In another development, the GDC leader Mama Kandeh, who was invited to the police for questioning on Tuesday, was confronted with a printed copy of a Freedom Newspaper publication in regards to corruption allegations he (Kandeh) made against the Barrow government. Mr. Kandeh accuses the government of pocketing funds, the regime had secured from foreign financial lenders. He was briefly questioned and asked to leave by the police. 

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