Tourism Minister Hamat Bah, has sponsored four of his party supporters to attend pilgrimage in Mecca, this medium can reveal. The air tickets for each of the four pilgrims cost more than two hundred thousand dalasis (D200,000). The NRP sponsored pilgrims are three men and one woman, a native of Farafenni.

Within the NRP, there is growing discontent over the selection of the four pilgrims. Some party supporters said Hamat was gender biased during the selection and the sponsoring of pilgrims. They said two women should have been selected in order to make the selection process fair.

Now the million-dollar question many people are asking is: Where did Tourism Minister Hamat Bah secured the funds to sponsor the four pilgrims? This is a Minister, who earns a monthly salary of less than D50,000. Below is Minister Bah’s payslip. 

“These are early signs of corruption. Hamat Bah is living beyond his means. He should explain to the Gambian people, as to how he secured the funds to sponsor the pilgrims. We are talking about Hamat Bah spending half a million dalasis on pilgrims. Here is a guy, who could barely afford an air ticket to America, in the peak of dictator Jammeh’s rule,” said our source.

Tourism Minister Hamat Bah could not be reached for comment.

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