To The Gambia Armed and

Security Forces…

RE: A cause for concern..

It is regretting to note that the Gambia Police Force has invited Hon. Mamma Kandeh for questioning over what he said during his recent tour.

Gone are the days when freedom of expression  is stiffled and grossly violated without a due regards to the constitution .

I wan to kindly remind our brave national security that, their fundamental responsibility is among other things : Protect life and property and to defend the country’s national book..

All civil servants are expected to be loyal to the state and rightfully support any seating Government.

Politicians and Citizens should be free to express their opinions on Government affairs so long it doesn’t threaten internal security.

The case of Hon. Kandeh is not an exception. It’s left to the Government to react to the claims made by Hon. Kandeh through the Government’s spokesperson or Information minister..

While strongly urging the security forces to distance themselves from politics and be loyal to the state and constitution, I hope w’ll not be returned to the era of dictatorship. .

Yours faithfully,



Mustapha Ceesay.

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