Dear Mr. Mbai,

Unfortunately, I could not have the word version of Haggie Senera testimony. I just managed to take pictures of these documents using my phone because I could be in trouble if I am caught.

Pa Ebrima Colley appeared at the Brusubi/SSHFC ADR Court yesterday. At the court, the prosecutor snubbed the complainants and was all the time busy with Pa Ebrima Colley. Interestingly, Pa Ebrima Colley was charged on the wrong count and was told to appear on August 28, 2017. On August 28, his bail bond will be D30,000.00 and a living Gambian with an ID. This is a joke! Pa Ebrima should be remanded and it’s the high court that should grant bail bond to Mr. Colley. 

It could be recalled that over one hundred people wrote a petition to the former leader Yahya Jammeh and their allegation was investigated which led to Pa Ebrima Colley’s sacking.

Among the main complains including bullying, discrimination, and Harassment, pa was instructed by the then leader to return all lands taken forcefully including the women’s garden, central mosque, the current alkalo’s land, and Sainey Colley’s land.

Also in the instruction letter of Yahya Jammeh was to demolish all structures on those land. What happened was a small demolition at the mosque area and that of Sainey Colley’s land. In the court charged sheet,  women’s garden was removed and court still pending since 2015.

All these was done because of former IG of police and his associate because Pa Ebrima Colley gave former IG, a compound just opposite the SSHFC Housing Estate in Jabang. It’s on the main highway which fall on the Women’s garden. Pa was chief Inspector and at the same time an Alkalo before he was fired.

The old Yundum Police Station is another point of concern because they are completely corrupted  at every section from CID, Prosecution, Station offer, and assistant SO.

Please find below the document Pa Ebrima Colley prepared for Haggie Senera. 


The deposition of Haggi at the old Yundum police station has variance with Lawyer Borry Touray’s interview with Haggi. The reason was that the police there always helped Pa Ebrima Colley.


By A Concerned Gambian 

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