Dear Editor,

Please kindly help us publish/post our concern so that it would reach the institutions that can come to our rescue and end our MD’s brutality.

The Managing Director of Skye Bank Doyin Aadegbulugbe is making life a hell for us the staff of the bank. This is a man who is only interested in seeing people fail and has unlawfully terminated employment contracts of many or forced them to resign since he was appointed MD in 2015. At some point he was suspended by the Central Bank of The Gambia but unconfirmed reports had it that his employers in Nigeria sent a high powered delegation to bribe the CBG. A week after the delegation left Banjul the MD’s suspension was cancelled and he resumed work. Mr Aadegbulugbe was the bank’s Executive Director before replacing Mohammed Gillen, a guy he never liked just because Gillen beat him in the interview to become MD. Now Aadegbulugbe is determined to kick out all the staff employed by Mohammed Gillen. He started by bringing in a Head of Human Resources Mrs Funmi Akano, who would help him in achieving his goal. Mrs Akano is a close friend of Doyin’s wife and ever since she joined the bank she has been working very hard so that the MD can reach his goal. It is as if she was employed to work for Doyin alone and not the interest of the bank. She does whatever the MD says whether it is in line with the policy of the bank or not. Recently, the HR department framed one of the bank’s longest serving staff and terminated him on the orders of the MD. Mr Aadebulugbe threatens us almost every day; he would stand in front of the staff and tell us he doesn’t care about what the Labour Department or the Central Bank of The Gambia would do. The Head of HR would always tell us there are a lot of job applications in her office so terminations wouldn’t be a problem for them.  Sometime in the past about 80% of the staff signed a petition that was sent to CBG to act and stop the MD’s brutality or they would resign from the job with immediate effect. Few weeks after the petition was sent, a director and deputy director from the CBG came to the bank and held a meeting with the staff. In that meeting, they urged the staff to let go and see the MD as our friend. Why? Were they bribed? Why don’t they care the staff?

Ebou Faal, Ibrahim Faal Bah, Amie Secka, James Leke, Augustine Sanyang, Kumba Jallow, Yankuba Sinera, Abdou Sowe, Aishat Ibrahim Sillah, Arina Felix, Ida Gaye, Inna Puye, Mam Sainabou Jallow, Mike Emeh and Yama Jobe.

The above mentioned employees were either terminated unlawfully or put under intense pressure that led to their resignations. Some reported their matters to the Labour Department and Central Bank of the Gambia but up to date nothing has been done by the two institutions which is really disturbing.

Mr Doyin Aadegbulugbe was very close to General Saul Badjie. Badjie visited him in the office uncountable number of times and I am also aware he was visiting him at home too.

We are urging the Central Bank of The Gambia and the Labour Department to come to our rescue and put an end to Doyin’s brutality so that he wouldn’t turn more young people into unemployed youths. We all played a part in seeing the birth of #NewGambia, I think we also have the right to be considered. There is a new Governor at the Central Bank of The Gambia; we are begging him to set up a committee that would look into how commercial banks, especially Nigerian owned banks are maltreating their staff.

We are also urging the government and commission of enquiry to investigate Mr Doyin Aadegbulugbe thoroughly regarding Jammeh’s financial dealings because he was very close to General Saul Badjie.


Yours Sincerely,

A concerned staff

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up are sorely that of the author. It doesn’t represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. The Skye Bank MD could not be reached for comment.

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