The 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly kicked off in New York on Tuesday, 12th September 2017 with question marks over which officials will represent the Gambia government. Although the main showpiece takes place next week Tuesday, both President Barrow and his Foreign Minister remain situated in Banjul with no statement from the presidency as to this worthwhile gathering.

For the record, the theme for this event focuses on people – Striving for Peace and a Decent Life for All on a Sustainable Planet. According to a white paper dispatched earlier, this year’s event will focus on Education, Environmental Conventions, Social Development, Trade and Gender issues. The meeting will also discuss Technology and Innovation, Water and Sanitation, as well as Globalization 2030 Agenda. These are all pressing issues facing the Gambia on which the administration ought to take up seat at the high table to debate solutions.

I understand conflict prevention, mediation for sustaining peace; migration, SDG’s and Climate Change are to be discussed in a busy week for world leaders and diplomats alike.

Given that the 2017 World Assembly is President Barrow’s first real chance to meet his counterparts at once in close setting, he also has the leverage to address the General Assembly watched by a worldwide audience. Ladies and gentlemen, here lays a perfect opportunity for the President to relay the Gambia story. A chance to tell the world the Coalition Alliance’s compelling story, and its stunning election’s victory against the odds. Talk about the impasse, and the contributions made by regional bloc, ECOWAS, and of AU, EU and the United Nation’s system throughout the process. But it is also an opportunity to tell the world what your government has achieve thus far, and your plans for the future as to the aforementioned development strategies. I, certainly want to hear the administration’s development masterplan, and I suspect the rest of the world feel the same.

Gibril Saine    Twitter: @gibbysaine

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