For the Attention of Gambia Press Union Executive

Disappointment with GPU Executive

This is to inform you about the disappointment of the general membership with the Gambia Press Union (GPU) on the disregard for the welfare and lack of seriousness.

The failure of the executive to value its membership has been shown by the current executive members by avoiding to convene general meetings for a very long time.

The Executive  has become tongue-tied on affairs of the union but only pretending and running the union as a gang of selected few self-serving persons at the expense of the general members which violates the laws regulating operations of the union and the objective of its registration.

The executive over the years refused to call general meetings inform members about plans, programmes and policies of the GPU and hear from the membership.

It also failed to inform members about ongoing activities of the union through an AGM as stipulated in the Union’s constitution despite evidence of refusal to present an audited account to the last congress and still receiving funds on behalf of the union over the years

These and many other irregularities taking place at the union are so disappointing hence calling you to halt any further activities in the name of the union until general members meet to discuss matters and activities carried out in their name.

The GPU should not be a group for the organization of workshops and seminars only and disregard the unionist aspect of our work.


All Gambian journalists

Forwarded By Baboucarr Gaye

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