A good number of Gambian nationals under Immigration detention in the United States have been deported home lately. The Gambian Embassy in Washington DC, has been cooperating with the US government to issue travel documents to some of the detainees lined up to be deported. 

Across the United States—Coast to Coast, Gambian migrants said to be living here without papers are being rounded up.  Some of the detainees had past criminal record. A good number of them are under detention pending deportation to the impoverished West African nation.

Over three thousand Gambians are on deportation orders. But the former dictator Yahya Jammeh refused to accept the deportees—resulting to the former Obama administration slamming a travel ban against Gambia government officials and their spouses.

With the coming of the Barrow administration, there is a shift in terms of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Banjul has agreed to accept deportees from the US.

Some of the deportees have been living in the US for over a decade. 

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