Bombshell: Bensuda declares Mary Samba breached client confidentiality with surrender of Kharafi documents cache to embattled brother 

By Sainey Darboe

A new front has opened in the ongoing war for supremacy of testimonies between Landing Sonko of Kharafi and Amadou Samba concerning the sale of Kairaba Beach Scandal. 

The counsel for the commission, Amie Bensouda , questioned the propriety of Mary Samba providing to his brother, Amadou Samba ,documents of a company she represented. The legal relationship, she declared, encompasses attorney- client privilege which has been broken without prior consent through another witness. 

Her words:

“ I would like to crave the commission’s indulgence not to answer to the substance of any allegations, but just to put matters in context as regards my learned friend’s concern that I might be on a path to sensationalizing any evidence or putting any other colleague in an untenable position.

I would just like to say what you said regarding the evidence of Mr Sonko that I might have led it. I would just like to say that Mr Sonko did say that he didn’t have all the documents. Mr Samba produced documents on which he couldn’t answer because he said the documents were given to him by his sister who was the lawyer on record acting for Kharafi and Sons. I will not comment on the propriety of that because Ms Samba did act for Kharafi and there was a relationship of privilege which ought to have been taken into account in giving documents to Mr Samba”. 

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