Amadou Samba’s tendered document implicates Amie Bensuoda

Amie Bensuoda the counsel to the Janneh Commission has been implicated in the sale of Kairaba Beach Hotel. According to the document attached below, Amie Bensuoda prepared the assignment for the sale of Kairaba Beach Hotel. For the avoidance of doubt, Side Gambia Limited was a front company for Yahya Jammeh and was owned ostensibly by both Baba Jobe and Lang Conteh. When Yahya Jammeh fell out with both of them, their shares were then transferred to Millennium Industrial Company, a company owned by Yahya Jammeh. Millennium Industrial company in turn sold Kairaba Beach Hotel to Kharafi and Sons Ltd. The 2 million dollars for the purchase was obtained from the Central Bank of the Gambia by Lang Conteh. 

All hell broke loose today at the Commission when this document was tendered. Initially, Mr Janneh refused to accept the document. But Mr Amadou Samba’s lawyer persisted and it was finally accepted. A deflated and badly shaken Amie Bensuoda, speaking in a shaky voice, tried to defend herself but the damage had already been done. The question that was on everyone’s lip was whether Amie Bensuoda should still continue as the counsel for the Commission, given the fact that she is already badly tainted. A source that preferred anonymity said: “She must go. She is a hypocrite.”

Another source said: “Amadou Samba’s tendered document was like a knife in the heart of a beast, the bestial heart of Amie Bensuoda must surely be bleeding profusely now. I want to feel sorry for her but in the New Gambia hypocrites like Amie Bensuoda must not be tolerated.” 

The hearing continues next Wednesday.

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